My name is Amber and I’m not *just* a mommy.  While it’s taken me a while to figure that out…here I am, a whole person once more.  I love my daughter with ever fiber of my being, but I also realized that I need to take care of myself.

I’ve started to really focus on what makes me happy and healthy.  I’ve also re-upped my love/hate relationship with running – and added spinning into the mix.  I’m trying to get healthy, mentally and physically, so I can be the best version of myself!

Rather than limit myself to a super specific blogging topic this go-around, I’m just keeping it simple.  This is about me.  My life, my whims, my feelings….you catch my drift…a personal blog.  Some topics you can expect to see discussed are; motherhood, domestic ramblings, gardening, and fitness.  I’m hoping that by keeping my options open I’ll stick around longer than with my last [mommy]blog.

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