Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | June 7, 2011

Better Me – Week 2

I’m back after my first week of  8 weeks to a better me from Sometimes Sweet.  Again I’m going with my own schedule and own themes..but using her time frame as inspiration :-)

Last week I had wanted to start a low carb diet, take better care of my clothes, and turn off the PC to spend more time with my guy.

  • So far the diet (Atkins) is a success.  I’m down 5lbs in a week and starting to get the hang of it.
  • I’ve managed to remember to pretreat all of my laundry…but I still suck at folding it before it gets wrinkled and some of it is STILL sitting in the basket not put away, ah well I’m work in progress.
  • Unplugged time with the guy hasn’t gone so well.  It probably would’ve helped if I clued him in on my little project, OOOPS.

Now on to this week!

  1. Health: This one will be more about my mental health.  I hate gossip but I’m sometimes guilty.  Like everyone I rationalize it away but it’s no good.  It tears families apart (there will be a post about that soon) and causes nothing but negative feelings.  My goal this week is not to utter one piece of gossip about anyone; Stranger or BFF, no one!  Basically…If I don’t have something nice to say, I don’t say it!
  2. Home: I’ve been totally lazy about cleaning properly these days.  Sure, the hot spots get hit, and the cat hair is kept to a minimum, but dusting?  HAHAHA yeah so.  My goal this week is to clean one room of the house, top to bottom, each day.  Me thinks the kitchen comes first!  There are 7 days and more rooms than that, so the laundry and 2 baths will be considered 1 for this project.
  3. Family: This one might be seen as a cheat, but it has to do with the gossip goal.  While it’s not gossiping when I talk about Peter it’s still sometimes negative.  My goal is not to talk badly to anyone about my guy.  We may have issues between us, but I want to be done sharing them with others.  Nothing short of breaking up for good warrants the random negative comments or “funny” complaints.  I want to be more positive dammit!!

So, tune in next week to hear how week-2 went and to find out what my next goals will be :-)



  1. You have inspired me! I am going to start my own 8 week program on Sunday! (at least, that’s my goal… ;D)

    • That’s fantastic :-) I love the idea of week long goals, so much more attainable since you can quit if it’s not something that works out after a week ;D

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