Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | May 30, 2011

Better Me – Week 1

In case you missed it, I’ve been struggling to find my footing again.  Something’s amis and I’ve been scrambling to “get better”.  I think I’ve found a way to guide me through that.  This blog, Sometimes Sweet, is running an 8-week program to self-improvement.  Hence the first image – 8 weeks to a better me!  I’m a bit behind on her schedule but I thought I’d jump in with my own version.  Each week I will have 3 goals.  Something for my health, something for my home, and something for my family.  All of these are really for me, so no worries on being selfless ;D

  1.  Health: Start with a low carb diet.  I’ve been reading a ton about Paleo and the new Atkins.  This was spurred by watching Fat Head….and HILARIOUS documentary countering Super Size Me.  Basically it seems we’ve been duped by our “trusty” Department of Agriculture and their Food Pyramid.  Not that we all didn’t know this, but lots of carbs tend to make us fat.  What most don’t know is that low-fat doesn’t make us thin.  Seriously watch the movie!
  2. Home: Take better care of my clothes.  I will be more mindful when doing my laundry.  As silly as that sounds I’m lazy about it.  While I separate my colors and whatnot, and rarely pre-treat and I often toss things into the dryer that should be hung or laid flat.  I would also LOVE to get a clothes line, though that may have to wait until after this week is over.
  3. Family: Spend more quality time together.   I will shut my computer off after Alexa goes to bed and actually hang out with Peter.  We can watch movies, we can talk, we can do nothing…but it needs to be without our laptops in our faces (smart phones too!).

So, tune in next week to hear how week-1 went and to find out what my next goals will be :-)



  1. Go you! This is awesome. Once I have a stocked pantry again, the goal is to go lower-carb and gluten-free when possible. And then splurge occasionally on a loaf of amazing fresh bread, lol.

    But really, good for you <3 looking forward to see how it goes!

    • Thanks babe! I’m going to do a whole series on Atkins I think. I want to take lots of pictures and measurements along the way. I’m really hoping to see the scale move this time around…but inches lost would be just as pleasing :-)

      I’m with you on saving up for really meaningful splurges!

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