Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | May 1, 2011


I’ve always sucked at bargain hunting. I just lacked the patience or the drive to care. I would save coupons to stores I frequented, but would forget to bring them on my shopping trips. Basically I was just saving these scraps of paper till the date said they were too old..then I would toss them.

I come from a home that used coupons. My mother loves them! She’s a huge fan of rebates. My goodness the amount of FREE toothpaste we stocked up on. It was somewhat crazy at times, be she often got paid to take these items home after double (sometimes triple) coupons and mail in rebates.

Not me…I pay full price. I have no clue why I avoided saving money for so long. The boy loves his tech toy rebates and hunts down deals on computer related items all the time. I never buy electronics myself because he gets a better price for a better item EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. I even yell at my dad when he shops at Best Buy or Sears because I know the boy could get him a bargain.

When I started play my diet game my “bad habit” to give up was to stop wasting money at the grocery store. To combat that issue I vowed to spend at least 10 minutes a day looking for coupons or doing something related to couponing. The organizer in me took over from there. I got myself a binder and sheet protectors (ala Couponing 101).

This new habit is turning into an outright hobby. I love the hunt and then the sorting. I have so many things I want to do with my coupon binder. I’ve yet to really sort my existing coupons out, and I’m learning NOT to print things I don’t need yet…but it’s pretty cool. Oh gawd I’m a dork!

The best part is, I’ve saved about $200 in 2 weeks. Our grocery bills have been larger than normal because of the diet (but we’re saving money because we’re not ordering out for lunch and dinner)…but with coupons and sale shopping in the circulars I’ve kept the bill at what it was before all the added food. I do need to start tracking how much I’ve spent each week vs. how much we would have spent on take-out and random food shopping. One of the coolest things is seeing my fridge stocked with TONS of healthy food that I bought for a discount and that we actually eat (instead of throwing out and wasting!).

p.s. I’m not only learning to save in the grocery..but I’m saving in other stores as well. Used a “buy one get one 1/2 off sale” along with a 20% total purchase discount to save almost $200 on new clothes at Old Navy!!!!! This is getting serious now ;D


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