Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | April 26, 2011

Religious Secrets

I’ve been going to church. Well, they call it a “meeting-house” and they don’t talk about any specific god or religion. Really…they talk about ALL religions. They honor everyone’s beliefs (or lack there of). It’s a Unitarian Universalist congregation and I kinda love it.

You see, the boy is a recovering Catholic and I’m an atheist/humanist. He sees the synergy between physics and a “higher power” while I have a more academic curiosity about the idea of faith and cultural beliefs. He studies hard sciences and I study the soft ones. Together we both have interest in the idea of religion, but don’t care to belong to a traditional one.

Aside for our own desire to learn, we also want to expose our daughter to various belief systems. I don’t care that she decides to join one faith or another…I just want her to understand the differences and similarities between different cultures and people. I want her to be tolerate of others, and compassion for their beliefs is a good place to start.

The UU has welcomed us with open arms. We haven’t been to many Sunday services, though we have spent a few holidays with the congregation. The meeting-house is such a warm and beautiful place. We’re considering a “path to membership” at some point in the future, but are moving slow. One reason may be because we have yet to come out to our families; mine because they may think I’m a weirdo for going to “church” when I don’t believe in God, and his because they may feel like he’s lost his faith and they failed.

Religion is such a touchy subject. I don’t feel the need to have it in my own life because I don’t “believe” but I do understand the comfort it brings some. I also cherish the community it builds and often felt like that was missing from my life. I’m thrilled to have found it in UU.


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