Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | August 9, 2010

Fuck Allergies

Today we had the pleasure of meeting with Alexa’s new allergist.  He was a nice enough guy.  Seemed to be a little more “business” than I’m used to, seeing as we normally go to kiddie doctors (he works with all ages).  Our docs are usually a little more willing to do stupid shit to make babies stop screaming their heads off.  I don’t think he was ammused when she started to flip her lid when he innocently tried to listen to her heart and lungs.

Anywho, we went through the history and what-not.  That’s when he made the list of things to test for.  20 freakin’ scratches on my baby’s little back!?!?  It was pretty horrible, I’m not gonna lie.  While I don’t think it hurt that bad to start (I actually got sliced since she was squiming so much, and I barely felt it), I’m sure she was just scared out of her mind since it took 3 of us to pin her down and get the test done.

That’s when to torture started.  We had to wait 15 minutes (which ended up being more like 25, I heard that damn alarm go off, and they didn’t come running back to us WTF?).  I couldn’t really hold her because I couldn’t touch her back.  She was itchy and scared and tired and hungry.  I swear she cried for an hour straight.  FUCK ME!  My poor baby. She did hate me for that time period.  Wouldn’t let me come near her towards the end of the wait, just kept slapping at me, then trying to get picked up, then flailing, then hitting me some more.  I want to cry too.

The nurse finally came back and swore nothing reacted.  I saw 2 welts in my eyes, her mother’s eyes, I know my baby dammit.  Turns out it was the sites that were for eggs.  Both whites and yolks.  I knew she had broken out from those damn eggs a few weeks ago.  I knew it! Weirdly enough, milk was non-reactive.  Which makes the doc wonder what else is showing a false negative…since milk had been confirmed by blood-work months ago (and she’s had reactions since to foods containing hidden milk byproducts).

Now we get to go have more blood-work done.  I’m terrified of it this time around.  Alexa is aware of what’s going on now, she will NOT sit still for it.  I know we’re going to have to call a 3rd person in to restrain her again (STOOPID STRONG BABY).  I just hope they can find a vein faster than the last time.  My heart sinks just thinking about it.  She’s going to hate me again.

I’m stressed that I’m torturing my daughter for no good reason, but I do not want to worry about feeding things that are making her sick.  Even if it turns out that there’s nothing much wrong (an egg allergy I can deal with along side milk, no biggie), I’ll be happy to know that I had this investigated so she can eat without fear of breakouts and epi-pens.



  1. oh, lady – i am SO SORRY about this whole ordeal! sounds incredibly frustrating, sad, let’s face it HEARTBREAKING for you and little alexa! ): i read this last night and actually woke up this morning thinking about it. ick.

    i really hope that alexa’s allergy issues get resolved without any further pain to her. hugs to you both!



    • Weirdly enough, I’m actually already somewhat relieved. I don’t know if I’m just being hopeful…but to think that she might have already grown out of her milk allergy would be wonderous! I mean, seriously, the amount of food options would basically quadruple!
      Doing a blood test this week. Her teething this weekend made it impossible to get done yesterday.

  2. Oh no!!!! What a nightmare! You are not torturing her for no reason. It is good to find out what makes her sick. Hang in there!

    • That’s my only solace. I need to know for certain that I’m not inadvertently causing any other issues. Babies are so hard sometimes :-/

  3. OMG… Poor Alexa!!! And poor you too!! It all sounds like a complete nightmare…
    You have to do what you have to do… like you said I think it’s better to find out what/if she is allergic to anything now so it will help her feel better in the future!
    Good luck with the blood work… be strong for her!!
    And I hope Alexa will be ok :)

    Thinking of you :)

    • Always strong for her. I’m not the crying kinda mom when she’s having something done. Never cried for any of her shots or other blood-work. I die a little on the inside when she screams, but I would assume that my freak out would just make it worse :-)

  4. Oh that sounds just horrible to go through! It’s hard when there this age – old enough to know what they’re in for but not old enough that you can explain to them why it’s happening. Hopefully, there won’t bee too much more testing (for both your sake!)

    • Luckily the worst is over for the time being. The blood test will suck, but it will take just a minute. She’ll get over that one much faster. I’m kinda looking forward to the time when a lollipop at the end of the visit negates the negative effects of the shots :P

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