Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 28, 2010

Can She Sparkle?

If you’ve ever watched Toddlers & Tiaras you’ve heard them refer to stage presence (well the great kind) as sparkling.  I’ve had a marathon on in the background for the better part of this afternoon and night [1. Is it weird that I’m starting to see repeats of ones I’ve seen already?  Is that more sad?].  I think I’ve been brain washed.  Do you think Alexa would SPARKLE?

Peter and I have joked about entering her into a pageant.  My father taught her the “Queen Wave” when she was learning to gesture hello and goodbye.  He meant the Queen, as in like…Queen Elizabeth…not a beauty queen.  One day while my half-sister was visiting [2. Who is super annoying and always has to have the last word.], she started talking about T&T and said we should put Alexa in a pageant.  HA!  I then quipped back that she’d need a spray-tan, a flipper, and some hair pieces.  Apparently my sis thought I was serious and got all huffy that I “better not”! [3. She also wasn’t pleased when I joked that I would bf till Alexa was 6, yeah…told me she would “beat me” if I was “one of those moms”.  She’s fun!]

Fast forward to today, where you’ll find me Googling NJ based competitions for shits and giggles.  Low and behold, I found one that’s being held this October.  Yes, I’m actually considering entering, because I’m a loser and need a new hobby.  Come on, she’s freakin’ adorable :-)  They have a “Natural” pageant the first day, and a “Glitz” the second.  OK OK, I’m not actually crazy, I wouldn’t do Glitz where you have to primp and prod your poor kid.  But hey, Natural sounds pretty benign.  Right?

I think it would be fun to do once, but do I want to become a scary pageant mom?  NOOOOOO!  So ummmm, yay or nay?



  1. I watched a documentary on pageants the other day called Painted Babies and found it deeply terrifying and creepy. But that was dealing with pretty extreme situations. Where the parents hauled them around the country, spent thousands on clothes and had them in more makeup than you could poke a stick at. And at the end of it the poor kids looked as though there spirits had been destroyed a long time ago.

    Mini rant over, the natural one sounds like it could be fun. Plenty of people enter their kids into cute photo competitions or something like that, which is pretty similar to the pageant thing.

    • I think I saw that same documentary. I’ve also seen the MTV True Life “I’m a Pageant Queen” which deals with older girls (late teens) and how they are since they’ve spent their whole lives competing. Pretty sad stuff. I don’t understand how parents, usually lower income ones, can spend every last cent on these things. Though, I guess it’s like latching on to the hope that your kid will be the next best thing, whatever that may bed. So many are pretty delusional.

      That said, I don’t know that I would actually enter Alexa in one. Though, the natural ones sound like a fun excuse to play dress up. Sometimes imagining something, doing the research, and then ending there is enough fun for me :P We were pretty serious about doing a family Halloween costume as a pageant family though!

      • The amount of money that they spend on those things is crazy! Although I suppose everything is relative.

        I like the halloween idea. My mum did some pretty impressive halloween costumes for us when we were little.

  2. Those Toddlers & Tiaras shows really scare me!! (I’ve seen a few documentries) Poor little things, so much presure at such a young age and some those mothers (and fathers).. I can’t believe them!! It’s just awful!! Why can’t they just have a normal childhood and just be kids having fun!!
    Though I do think the natural one sounds much better and like you say a bit of fun… Alexa would win hands down :)

    • The show is insane!!! One yesterday, with an adorable little boy, was so sad. He was sooooo into it, but his mother was horrible. Always putting him down and saying he wasn’t doing well enough. Pushing him to perform even when he was tired or hungry….like a little circus animal. It’s those types that make the whole “culture” seem off putting.

  3. Erm…the whole subject of pageants makes me uncomfortable.

    And then I get uncomfortable that I’m uncomfortable.

    I guess my bottom line is this: if I have a child who becomes interested in pageants, I’ll seriously consider it. But, in my experience, there’s so much competition in life ANYWAY (especially if you’re a girl…especially around looks…), I don’t really need to inject any more competition into my life – or my child’s life – on that front. But that’s just me and my life! If parents and kids find pageants mutually enjoyable, it’s not really my place to say, “No, that’s a bad idea.”

    • Oh, I’m totally uncomfortable with it! Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think it’s the best way to grow up. Always placing your bets on your looks. I’m not really a big fan of competition to begin with, so I’m not sure why I’m kinda sorta drawn to pageants. Maybe because it’s soooooooooooooo opposite of my personality?

  4. That show scares me! I vote NO on entering Alexa into one!

    • HAHA…she would totally win though :P
      Na, it was just a passing fascination :-) Do wait for Halloween though. Me thinks her costume will be related.

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