Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 21, 2010

Want It Wednesday – Birds

Alexa is obsessed with birds.  When she’s upset, sometimes the only thing that will calm her is a walk out to the porch to watch them fly overhead.  I think it’s time to finally incorporate her first real preference into  her toy collection.  I’ve found a few adorable items on Etsy, of course!  Help me decide which one would be most fitting for my little girl…and which one we’ll get the best use of.

I’m totally in love with this song bird mobile from PinkPerch‘s shop. Sadly it’s sold out and she doesn’t seem to have any more up at the moment. I will keep an eye out for sure to see if any more pop up. Otherwise, I may have to request (beg) that she make me one anyway :-) Even though Alexa has really outgrown the normal timing to install a mobile, I think it would add such charm to her nursery.

This wall hanging, by MaisieMooNZ, is super cute, and you can even have your child’s name added to the little hanging sign. I think this would be perfect for the playroom. She spends most of her day downstairs anyway, so why not buy things to decorate this room as well as her bedroom?

I’m actually considering getting this hanging charm, from sesideco, as a decoration for our front door.  The meaning behind it is lovely and fitting for the main entrance into a home.

Here is another bird mobile, from Littleboheme, that’s a bit more modern.  Definitely speaks to my aesthetic :-)  Pink and orange for sure!   I’m torn as to which one Alexa would enjoy more.

Do any of you have bird toys that I just need to see?



  1. As much as I dislike birds, I have to say that the mobile pictured is incredibly beautiful!

    • Awww why do you hate birds? I’m not at all a fan of ones in cages, but I’m cool with the ones out in nature. Unless they wake me up at the ass crack of dawn with their damn chirping, lol!

      BTW, was it the first mobile you’re speaking of?

  2. Well… I want your Wednesday! :-)

    • HEHEHE you should show us what you’re lusting after too! You have amazing style, I would love to see what you come up with!

  3. How funny, Aidan is obsessed with birds as well. Those are lovely birds you got showing there.

    • My father loves bird watching and is always talking about whatever random ones fly by. FINALLY he has someone else who shares his obsession :-) Peter wants to get some bird feeders and baths for our yard. I think this fall we’ll do some landscaping and get them out there for Alexa to enjoy!

  4. I love the pink and orange ones… your last photo of them. They are adorable and seems like something she will enjoy for years to come…

    • Those are my personal fave, if I were buying them for myself. And I agree with you, they are will grow with her once her style matures. Hmmmm…which to buy, which to buy?

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