Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 14, 2010

Happy Blogoversary To Me!

This time last year I was creating a blog.  I had a 4.5 month old who had finally let me start typing again, two handed even.  Before then all I did was read blogs from many of you lovely mamas.  I sat and nursed…day and night.  Rarely a free hand to punch the keys.  NEVER two for using the Shift key, heh.  At some point this changed, and I was able to put my babe down once in a while.  I was also urged by Peter to find a hobby.  I guess I was driving him nuts.  SOOOO I decided to jump on the Mommy Blog bandwagon.

I had a unique point of view, being that I was one of those Child Free people that swore I’d never have children.  Here I was, with child.  All of these feelings of maternal instinct were so new and surprising, I wanted to document every.single.thing, and so I have.  While I leave out the daily updates (I save those for Facebook and Twitter), and the somewhat predictable milestones and doctor visits (those are posted on our family update blog), I do talk about my feelings.  So many feelings.  So many second guesses.  So many highs and lows!

I’ve come a long way since that first day of blogging.  I’ve met so many wonderful women who have offered their unending support.  I cannot thank you all enough for getting me through my first year of motherhood, and more.




  1. Happy 1 Year! That is so exciting! Times flies doesn’t it?

    • Thank you! This past year has went by so fast! I was so surprised that my anniversary was this month already. Is it seriously July already?

  2. Woo hoo.. Happy 1 year Blogoversary!!
    Wow that time as flown… I missed mine May 17th… whoops.. oh well!
    I found your blog just after you started, I think!! I still do a lot of one handed typing as Max likes to sit on my lap all the time, my replys can be quite short sometimes, so I don’t have to use too many capital letters… LOL!!
    It’s been great reading your motherhood adverntures! I love your blog and love having mummy blog friends… even if you are stuck at home you can still feel like you are part of the world :)

    Thank you **muah**

    • Awwww Happy Belated 1 year to you! It’s funny, I can’t remember when I found most of my bloggy friends, specially the ones (like you) who I “talk” to all the time. It’s like you’ve always just been there :-)

      These days I tend to leave my computer time to naps and sleeps…because Alexa can be quite jealous of my screen time. She wants me to look at her allllll the time, and when I do try to type with her around, she has a fit. HA!

  3. congratulations on your blogiversary! so glad we are in it together, i’ve met the best ladies through this journey.

    • We are all truly lucky to have found such amazing friends…specially everyone that’s on a similar schedule with our first babes. If I didn’t have my blogging friends I don’t know who I’d talk to about all things motherhood…because my RL people don’t want to hear it, ha!

  4. Congratulations! It’s so weird. I can barely even remember my life before you were in it – even if it has only been a year.

    • This comment made me so stupidly happy. I feel the same way! <3

  5. Happy blogoversary!!! You make the blogosphere a happier place to be! Love and many more years for you and your blog! Cheers.

    • Aww thanks lady. You make me smile :-) I hope I can stick around for a long time to come as well…and I hope even more that my amazing friends (YOU) are right here with me!

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