Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 13, 2010

Cribs NO!

nursery updateRemember when I posted this, Cribs Yo, back in March?  Well for the past month or so…Alexa has NOT been sleeping in her beautiful crib.  That piece of furniture that makes a bedroom a nursery.  Yup, nope!

For whatever reason she decided that she would NOT be put down in there.  It doesn’t help that she’s way too capable of standing up, flipping over, jumping up and down in there.  When we do try, every once in a while, she screams bloody murder.  She’ll get up as soon as I put her down, then I lay her back down, and she’s up again.  Rinse, lather, repeat, till we’re both exhausted.  I would have tried to do it till she was too tired to move, but she gets to a point where she’s physically done, but won’t stop.  That’s when she starts to fall…and I’m just not ok with letting her smack her head against the railing while I try to outlast her.

The other issue is that she rolls ALL over the place when she’s trying to settle down.  Even when she’s in a good mood she’ll flip back and forth.  It’s only been the last few nights that she’s started to lay calmly if she can hug my neck while she drifts off (awwww).  Even still, she wiggles in her sleep.  Being in such a confined space as a crib means for many wake ups when she whacks her head against the railing, or she she smashes her little body up into the corner.

So, basically, we’ve given up the fight.  She sleeps on the full size mattress on the floor in her room.  I’ve been thinking of just getting rid of her crib all together so there’s more room in there.  Sure, it turns into a toddler bed, and she might be ok with that once she’s a little older, but what’s the point?  It’s not like it will keep her in bed once the railing is off and there’s just that short one installed to keep her from falling out.

So, should I just sell it?  I know I’ve mused about maybe having another baby..hahaha…or not.  But really, that’s not happening anytime soon, and maybe not ever.  I don’t want to keep things around “just in case” because the clutter and what-if’s will drive me batty.

Is there some good reason why we should keep it?  Is there some stage of development that I’m missing that will magically make her want to be in there?  Tell me please, otherwise…it’s coming down this weekend and getting posted on Craigslist :-)



  1. […] we followed the same routine.  When I laid her down on her bed (still no crib sleeps…a post to come on that!) she wanted to cuddle.  OMG, she’s never really cuddled before.  Not for real anyway. […]

  2. I can COMPLETELY relate. Neither of my kids slept in a cot. Ever.

    I don’t like cots. Never have. I hate the bars, and I hate they they are so ‘hard’ in everywhere.

    But I’m a sucker for beautiful design, particularly Scandinavian. So I convinced my husband that we should invest in the most gorgeous cot in the world, which eventually turned into a toddler bed. All the while I kept banging on about how I didn’t believe it cots. Go figure. In hindsight I now realise I bought it for me than for my baby.

    My first baby co-slept from birth, and had his day sleeps in a hammock which he loved. Meanwhile the cot sat in the corner, neglected but beautiful. When he outgrew the hammock at about 8 months he tried the cot and, like your baby, he absolutely, positively hated it. Screamed blue murder, thrashed around and in the process would hit his head on the rails. It was disaster. We tried for a couple of nights, but I just couldn’t face it, so he was brought back into the safe confines of our bed, and he slept soundly.

    When he was around 12 months we tried a mattress on the floor in his own room with soft safety rails, and he’s been ever since. The perfect solution, as not only can we lie down with him if he wakes in the night, but each night he can fall asleep as we read books.

    Fast forward to my daughter. Read as above. Except she’s still in our bed. It’s easier that way.

    And suffice to say the stunningly beautiful, and hideously overpriced cot is no longer with us. She’s gone to a family who will appreciate her, rather than ours who would have just used her as a toy box :)

    • Oh I know how you feel…they looks like beautiful little baby jails. Like you, I think the nursery was more for me than for Alexa. It’s seriously the only room in the house that has been completely decorated! I had a style in mind, and that crib was the centerpiece :-)

      We had a co-sleeper in the beginning. Alexa wasn’t able to to sleep in it though because of her reflux. That’s where the bed-sharing started. I really wish I would have gotten a hammock. After we brought her home from the NICU we realized that she just wasn’t going to be able to sleep flat. The hammocks are better designed for keeping babies up a bit more elevated. If, BIG IF, we ever do this again…I’m getting one!

      The only reason we started using the mattress on the floor was because we bought it for Peter…lol. I’m just not able to sleep next to more than one person, and Peter was ending up on the floor in her room while she slept with me in our bedroom. Not sure why he wouldn’t just move to the couch. When we decided to start the No Cry Sleep Solution Alexa and I moved into her nursery, and Peter moved back to our room. I wanted her to learn to associate her room with sleep. She did start napping MUCH better, and eventually took all her day sleeps in her crib (after about a month of working with her to learn to sleep without nursing down). She even got to the point where she’d sleep the first few hours of the night in the crib.

      About 2 months ago something changed. A sleep regression of some sort, but she just would not go down in there…not for naps either. I’m just not sure what the point of keeping it around at this point. We don’t use it for anything, not even toy storage, lol!

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