Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 11, 2010

A Little Bit of Sunshine

As the title would suggest, we’ve had a touch of sunshine back around these parts.  I wanted to pop over quickly and share it with all of you.  After my last few postings, it may sound that things are rather bleak with me.  While the past few weeks have been trying, there have been some high points.

SLEEP, yes sleep.  We’ve been getting some!  Not only that, but putting Alexa down lately has become sooo much easier.  On a whim, a few nights ago, I started singing Rock A Bye Baby to her doll.  I rocked and cuddled the doll, sang, hummed…the works.  Then Alexa took a turn.  Then she crawled in my lap to be rocked.  **heart melts**  Ever since we’ve been shutting the lights down low after her nightly bottle and singing on the living-room floor.  Always first to her baby, then Alexa tries, then I rock her and hum.  Without fail, she has laid her head on my shoulder and waved “nigh nigh” to the room (yes, we’ve always said goodbye to the room when we leave it, ha).

Usually this is where it gets hard.  We’re up in her room, she’s fussing, crying, screaming…but not this week.  This week she’ll fuss a little, but then I’ll sing some more.  Always the same song, always over and over again.  Always till she drifts off.  My tempo will slow, my words will turn to hums, her eyes will flutter…and to sleep she goes.

Tonight we followed the same routine.  When I laid her down on her bed (still no crib sleeps…a post to come on that!) she wanted to cuddle.  OMG, she’s never really cuddled before.  Not for real anyway.  There was a glimpse of cuddles to come during yesterday’s nap, when she woke too early and I went in to sooth her back down.  She hugged my neck and went back to sleep.  But tonight, oh tonight.  I laid down, our faces inches apart.  I sang, and she inched over.  She slung her arm over my neck and burred her face into mine.  My baby nuzzled with intention!  She babbled lightly in my ear.  She snuggled in closer.  Then, when she was ready to snooze, she turned over and went to sleep.  Pure bliss tonight.



  1. Please excuse me while I go MELT AWAY now!

    • HAHA, hope I didn’t make it too painful :P

  2. Swoon.

  3. OMG… that is just SO beautiful!! It makes my heart melt…awwwww!!!

    • Seriously the sweetest stage we’re in. The hugs, cuddles, and actual kisses are just to much sometimes :-)

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