Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 10, 2010

No Photos On These Walls

This week’s list on Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop had one that was just for me!  I’m a bit late this time around, but I still want to write about the photograph that should be hanging on my wall…but sadly isn’t.

I take photos all the time.  I have a great camera, and I try my darnedest to use it as often as possible.  Even when I just had a little point and shoot, I took it everywhere.  The evidence is right there on my hard-drive, and that’s where it usually stays.  Yes, I’m guilty of almost never printing my photos out.  I’ve been trying to print all the best ones ever since we brought Alexa home from the hospital.  I want her to live in a home filled with photos of herself, and of her family.  Photos of her parents’ life before her.  Photos of her extended family, photos of her friends…and ours.

I have put tons of photos in frames, and if they can stand on their own, they have a home on a shelf or tabletop.  If they need to be hung on a wall?  Ummm…they’re leaning against the wall in the appropriate room, or in a sad box in the attic waiting to be mounted.

When we moved into this house we renovated like crazy.  We gutted, and spackled, and drywalled, and sanded.  We painted EVERYTHING.  We stopped there.  Oh, ok…so we did hang some shades and curtains, but beyond that, there are no holes in these walls.  I think both Peter and I are scared to mess with all the hard work.  I am very fickle with furniture placement, so if I hang something and mare the paint & plaster, only to have to patch it when I want to move the room around again…I might have a nervous breakdown.  We’ve tried the Command Adhesive Hooks, and they work ok, but I’m afraid to depend on them for something heavy.

The photo I NEED TO HANG is one of Alexa.  Of course!  It’s the ONE from her birthday photo shoot that I really like.  The ONE that saved the session (because the rest were pretty crappy…thanks bunches JC Penny).  This photo needs to be blown up, matted and framed, and hung where everyone can see it!

Head-shot 1



  1. I’m a newbie to your blog and just wanted to tell you that your daughter is so precious. But you already knew that! :)

    • Thank you! And welcome :-)

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  3. Hang that thar dang picture! That child would put a smile on any face that walks into your home. What a happy baby. What a lucky, if unlikely, mama.

    • HAHA I know just where I want to put it too. Need to get on that!

  4. I’m in the same boat! I have oodles of photos of Riley – enough that I’m relying on an external hard drive to store them and yet I haven’t printed any and hung them on the wall.

    My excuse is we are painting at the moment. But trying to paint with a toddler is extremely challenging and it’s taking forever! I think we’ll move before I finish painting the damn house.

    • I’m lucky that Peter set up a home server, so I drop the files there. Speaking of, I really need to clear out my computer and move them soon…running out of space!

      I don’t have good excuses, but at least I do put them (well the best ones) on Flickr, like you, so everyone else can see them too :-)

  5. I’m with you. I take SO MANY photos, but never print them out. Actually I printed all of M’s first two months, and then just some here and there. We don’t have any photos on the wall either. I have some prints, but not a single photo.

    Great photo! She looks happy there. Hehe.

    • I have a ton printed, and a good portion of them are in photobooks. We should start a photo display support group :P

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