Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 6, 2010

Baby Proof?

Alexa has gotten to the age where she REALLY likes to open kitchen cabinets doors and play under the counter.  That means that we need to get locks of some sort.  The thing is, I don’t want to lock all the doors up.  I want her to have some free play space in the kitchen.  I love the idea of her in there banging on bowls and cups while I cook or clean.

So instead of locking everything up, I decided to clear out a whole cabinet for her.  There’s really only one lower cabinet that would work.  For how big our kitchen is, we’re sadly lacking in large item storage space.  It took a big of fiddling around to figure out where all the big (non-baby-safe) Items would fit.  Granted, I don’t use most of these things often at all…so I didn’t have to find convenient new homes.  I did, however, manage to keep everything there in the room.

After clearing the cabinet out I filled it up with all the plastic stuff I could find.  Lots of random mugs, baby plates, reusable shopping bags, etc.  She LOVES it!  Now that she has a space all her own, it’s much easier to distract her when I have to be in there.

Still, I need to decide on locks.  Hmmmm, any suggestions?  Lusting over these magnetic ones :-)



  1. poppy also has one cabinet in our kitchen which is “hers”! she has a ball toddling over to it and gleefully emptying its contents – she’ll even lean half her body inside to make sure she got everything! (; love it!


    • Love it! Alexa was trying to climb in while I was cleaning it out. She seems to just LOVE laying on the floor in there playing with all her “new toys”.

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