Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | June 18, 2010

Bye Bye Bedtime Boobies

This week we embarked on the final leg of our breastfeeding journey.  On Tuesday, for shits and giggles, I decided to stop night nursing.  Alexa has been horribly fussy at night, teething again.  That big bad toofer finally showed itself on Tuesday morning.  I figured it was the best time to start, what might be, a horribly torturous process of getting the babe off my boob.  May as well get it done while she’s not breaking another tooth through (I have a few weeks right???).

Tuesday night went about as well as can be expected.  I nursed her to sleep at bed one last time.  Peter checked in on her the first few times she woke (he was actually going to take her all night, but she wouldn’t be settled) until it was time for me to go to bed and take over till morning.  She screamed and cried for about an hour and a half.  I felt horrible.  There she was, laying next to me…helpless and in misery.  When she finally did fall asleep around 4 am, she was down for the count.  We got a few good hours in.  I patted her back to sleep until I was ready to give in and just nurse her till it was time to wake for the day.

Wednesday night went better.  I again nursed her before bed, but did not put her to sleep that way.  Just filled up her tank and then laid her down for the night.  SHHHH’d and patted to sleep, it went fairly well.  Again, she woke a few times, but as able to be patted back down.  I was still right there next to her if she needed me.  Like the day before, when she woke super early, I nursed her till it was time to really get up.

Thursday night started the same as Wednesday.  Nursed, put down to sleep.  Checked in on her after about an hour when she woke fussing.  Back down till midnight.  Then Then Then, the unexpected happened!  Peter went in to check on her when she fusssed, changed her diaper, and she never really woke!!!!!!  He then took her for the rest of the night just to see how it would go.  She didn’t wake up once (slept through the mutha effin’ night my friends).  That’s right folks, we had 6.5 FULL hours of sleep STRAIGHT!!!!!!  I came in at 7ish when he was to get ready for work and nursed her till it was a decent hour :P [2. we don’t do early mornings here]

Tonight, Friday night…nursed her and she passed the eff out.  I have never in my life brought her upstairs after feeding her down on the couch and not had her wake up.  She was down for the count.  I was even able to put her in her crib without waking her!  Ok, yeah she woke up an hour later and needed to be rocked back down because she was freaked (guess putting her down when she’s out cold is a bad idea?  HA).

Over the past few days I have not nursed during the day.  Only during Alexa’s nightly bedtime routine, and then again in the morning.  I have not felt “full” or uncomfortable.  It’s time, and even my boobies know it :P

Now we’re starting the hardcore weaning.  Tonight, and every night until NEXT weekend, Peter will take her.  He has off this week from work (we were going away, but now we’re not…so we’re using this vacation time to get Alexa off my boob and used to sleeping like a normal little person).  Tomorrow I will not be nursing her when she wakes.  I may still nurse her before bed for the rest of the weekend.  Then, come Monday, my boobs are retiring!

We’re not sleep training.  We’re just helping her learn how to fall asleep…and stay asleep…without dream feedings.  Peter will be filling the roll as co-sleeper until little miss really gets the idea.  I’ll be spending the next 10 glorious nights sleeping ALONE!  I might feel human again everyone!

I’m hoping that after a few nights we’ll be able to get her back in her crib, because as safe as her room is, and as close to the ground as her floor mattress is, I still don’t like the idea of letting her sleep all night alone with that setup.  She knows how to open her door, and while there’s FINALLY a gate at the top of the stairs, I don’t want her wandering the halls half asleep and freaked out all by her lonesome.  Yes, this is assuming that Peter and I will ever be able to sleep in the same room again sans baby.  Hmmmm?  It’s been a long long time.  A VERY long time indeed.

So with that, I’m off to bed to celebrate my first free night where I actually feel like we’re getting somewhere here.

PS, I wonder if the boobies will shrink back to normal?????



  1. Hey girl! Thank you so much for leaving a bunch of comments lately. It means a lot!
    It’s funny you did this post because I told my husband today, that I thought it may be time for me to stop too. My production has been very low the last two weeks, and now I am actually coming to terms with that. Before I couldn’t stand the thought of not breastfeeding, but now I feel like my time is done. It’s funny how it can just change like that over night. I have some stuff to do this weekend, but I am really considering that next week will be it.
    Awwww okay and now as I write that, now I feel sad again. Oh the hormones. Hehee. :)

    • WOW are you still pumping? I am in awe of you!
      I really wanted to wait till Alexa seemed like she was ready to stop. She barely nurses during the day, and was really only using me for comfort to sleep. This meant that she slept like crap…as did I. It was time, and I feel good for making it this long!
      I’m hoping that once she’s completely done (this week?) I’ll feel better and not regret it. I’m not sad yet, but once you stop hormones can play some nasty tricks on you! I hope to hear about it if you do decide to wean. I would like to hear how your experience goes, even if it’s in an email if you don’t want to share it publicly :-)

      • Yes I’m still pumping, but as of the last two weeks, he is drinking more cows milk than boob milk.
        I’ve been very hormonal lately, like getting choked up over stupid stuff. I heard that toy story song “you got a friend in me”, and I cried. LOL ! I was like “what the hell?!”, and my husband thinks it’s because I’ve slowed my production way down. I didn’t realize that could happen. And btw, I said in my above comment that maybe I would stop this week, still haven’t.

        • HAHAH to be honest, we haven’t stopped completely yet either. She still nurses a teeny bit before bed, and at some point during the morning. It’s actually much more enjoyable now that she’s not always grabbing for me and actually falls asleep on her own!

        • BTW my hormones seem to be working again now that we’re almost done…if you get what I mean **nudge nudge** **wink wink**

  2. PS. Good luck and enjoy your sleep!! :D

    • Thanks, it’s been heavenly!

  3. That is so exciting!!!! I’m told the boobs go back to their original size, but they aren’t the same texture as pre-baby.

    • HAHA I’m not so concerned with texture. Mine are gonna be a mess I just know it. They’re really the only place I got stretch marks, and I got a ton! I’d take saggy pancake boobs over these monsters any-day :P

      Are you still BF’ing?

  4. I never had much to start with but now that I have stopped breastfeeding, all I have is fried eggs! That’s it!! Good luck and happy sleeping.

    • OMG fried eggs! That is too funny! I started out with medium to large ones to start. Kinda hoping the shrink back to smaller than when I started. Weird? Maybe ;D

  5. Awwww… congrats! I remember Leila was 8 months and 3 weeks old when she slept 7 hours at night without waking up. And by the time she was 10 months I found out I was pregnant with a second one… that’s what extra sleep does to you… Don’t tell me I didn’t worn you.

    • HAHAHAHAH that’s soooooooooooo funny you should mention that. I have this WHOLE post about sex in my head. And ya know, how I kinda wanna do it again. Hmmm wonder if the mixture of actual rest and less bf’ing is making my body do sneaky things, like try to get knocked up again :P

  6. Amber, I JUST finished nursing my little Froggy, seriously last week was our “last day on the boob”. I nursed him til he turned 1-year and at the end my milk production had gotten low from nursing several times a day to nursing only at morning and night. I am my own person and on my own schedule… no pumping, nursing, teeth grabbing at me, OWN SCHEDULE. It’s sad, but at the same time very nice for me. Nursing is a BIG commitment and it’s been a great experience for us both, but it was time to reclaim my body that was taken over almost 2 years ago when I conceived and that’s when we all know your body is not your own.
    Congrats on the weaning process…. it will be hard, there will be tears (from both of you), but in the end it gives your baby independence and your boobs a freakin’ break.

    Oh, and yes, they do shrink back to normal size. I’ve missed normal size since they’ve been so freakin’ huge for so long.

    • I can’t even imagine the weight you must have felt lifted from your shoulders! Almost 2 years of not having your body to yourself is a long time, for the both of us.
      Having my nights back is a big deal, for sure. I’m hoping that once the week is over, and Peter goes back to work (meaning I’m back on night detail) things will stay fairly calm. She’s sleeping deeper and for longer stretches, so it’s looking good :-)

  7. Ahhh yes the post-breastfeeding boobies. My dear, they shrink and they shrink fast. Mine are like flappy little ski slopes I tell ya. I have a few posts on this. Watch out, it is not pretty!

    • HAHA here’s to hoping! I have a few friends that were not so lucky and their boobs are still kinda biggish. Hoping mine wither away and die :P

  8. Thank God! Have fun sleeping alone. ENJOY IT!

    • This week has been amazing! 2 more nights and then here’s to hoping that she’ll stay in her room alone for the majority of the night :-)

  9. Yay! You’re through the woods! Enjoy your peaceful night–you deserve it.

    • Through the woods…almost over the hill…hehehehehhehe

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