Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | June 16, 2010

Want It Wednesday – Etsy Edition

Today I want to take you on a tour of some of my favorite Etsy items for the babe. I am horribly addicted to that site…and am a proud owner of many many hand made items from some of it’s super talented show owners.

I just know Alexa would adore these finger puppets. They are super cute, I really hope the seller, beckaboo, comes back and makes more!

I’ve been eyeing these crayons for months now. Almost a year even. I was thinking of getting them for my niece last year, but she was just too young. I think this year’s birthday present has already been chosen :-) Kitty crayons for allllllllll!

While Alexa is still getting her teeth, and years away from having any fall out…I still think this is worth adding to my lustful list. I cannot wait to have her place a baby tooth in there and wake up to find a cash deposit :-) Tooth Fairy? Maybe.

I had orginnially found this toy when looking for tooth fairy helpers. But OMG, so sweet. What a great way to present another gift? Or just a place for Alexa to hide her favorites, whatever they might be. Pocket Monsters are just too cute to pass up.

I know it’s just now getting to be summer, so wool booties should be the last thing on my mind, but I am soooooo getting these for Alexa once the air turns cold again!

This card table playhouse is going to take up residence in our familyroom/playroom very very soon. Christmas present me thinks? YESSUM! Not only is it a great place for imaginative play, but it also folds up for easy storage. Perfect.

Last, but not least…my good friend Emily at Last Train to Pooksville finally opened up her Etsy shop, Uff Da Designs.  She’s adding more stuff all the time.  Go show her some love and buy something.  I was lucky enough to win one of her hair clip holders and they are just amazing.  So cute, and she’ll customize just about anything to match your taste or decore!



  1. I absolutely love those kitty crayons… SO CUTE!!!

    • They’re painfully cute right???? Cannot wait till Alexa starts coloring. Etsy has so many different shapes of crayons. I guess I could make some of them myself with melted down Crayolas and candy molds :-)

      Do you have a lot of Etsy options in Australia? I know that most of the sellers I deal with are from the U.S, but some are from overseas. Is there another handmade site that’s more popular there?

      • I don’t think we have a similar one, but Esty is popular here in oz! Most of the sellers ship internationally!

        I’ve been thinking about melting dow a few crayons myself ha ha ha :)

        • I figured most would ship anywhere and everywhere!
          You’ll have to post pictures if you make some of your own crayon designs :-)

  2. OMG, those are the cutest crayons ever!!

    • RIGHT? I can’t remember why I stumbled upon them, but I’ve been saving them for 2 years now :-)

  3. You blog is bad for my budget. Just saying.

    • HAHAHAHAHA just Wednesdays, promise! It’s bad for my budget too :-)

  4. What a great way to display your wants! I absolutely love that play house and thinking Christmas present, your a genius!

    • HAHA I just wanted to come up with some sort of “weekly post” that I could actually keep up with. Wanting super cool things is easy :P

  5. That card table playhouse is adorbs!!!!

    By the way, sorry I’ve been behind on reading your posts. My reader hasn’t updated in days. My problem, not yours but still… arg!

    • It’s all good hun, I tend to let my reader build up and then go on a reading/commenting rampage when I have free time. No need to apologize, just get to steppin :P KIDDING!

  6. aww, thank you so much for helping promote my new shop! you are a peach! super excited you’re enjoying your clippy holder. a lot of the colors i use in my crafts reminds me of you and alexa. (-;


    • I will be adding a button to my sidebar for your shop too! I just keep forgetting to do that. I want you to succeed mama…because you’re amazing!

  7. […] and my wonderful, pretty friend amber of the unlikely mama included me in a recent edition of her “want it wednesday” […]

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