Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | June 16, 2010

Taking Care Of Mama

The past few weeks have been rough. Alexa has been growing more teeth, but has kept them hidden within her swollen little gums till just the other day. FINALLY one has poked through. In the interim, I’ve apparently been killing my teeth. The first year+ with the baby has been hell on me. I’ve forgotten how to take care of myself properly. When you can barely find the time (or the motivation) to eat or shower, flossing takes a turn for the worse. That, and the fact that I probably don’t take in enough calcium, has proven to be bad news for my dental health.

A month ago I noticed a sharp pain in my tooth. I didn’t really think much of it since I’m a clencher. I tend to wake up with a sore mouth and jaw muscles. Baby stress has made that so much worse.  I just assumed it would pass. It didn’t. Then it hurt when I chewed on that side, so I stopped chewing on the right. Logical course of action right? Apparently not. The pain stayed put. I booked an appointment with the dentist…ugh. Went in assuming everything would be fine. That maybe an old filling had come loose and needed to be replaced. Ummm no. Yeah….the doctor was “excited” that he could save the tooth, but it needed a root canal, a post, and then a cap. Yeah…singing the tune of $3k for my pain.[2. no dental insurance, opps] I’m getting the fucker pulled.[1. it happens to be the back molar, that I can barely reach to floss…I won’t miss it]

If nothing else, I’ve learned my lesson. I’ve been flossing every single day since then. Hmrph!

It makes perfect sense that things are starting to go wrong with my body. I’ve forgotten about myself. I’ve been ok about taking care of the house. I’ve done my job in taking excellent care of Alexa. Peter gets dinner cooked for him (well all of us) once in a while. But me? Not so much. I have, however, started going to the gym. I’ve also started the Couch 2 5K program! Slowly but surely I’ve begun to think of myself again. Maybe just maybe I’ll be able to repair the damage I’ve done to myself over the past 2 years.



  1. Arggghhh… I have been putting of going to the dentist for the last 6 months… factors… time, money and I hate going!! But I know that’s know excuse :s I’ve been down the root canel road and it’s not fun!!! Damn.. after your post I will have to go now!! ha ha ha …. Thanks for the kick up the butt :)

    • I’m getting the bad tooth yanked on Tuesday. So scared! I still haven’t had a cleaning yet. I promise once my dental plan kicks back in, in Jan…I’ll get back on track!

  2. Oh no! Lesson learnt, missy! Off to the dentist! But yeah, I can empathise, it’s only too easy to forget to look after ourselves

    • I hate that I’ve gotten like this! I used to be the kind of person that wouldn’t leave the house without my makeup on and my hair at least kinda done. Now I’m lucky if I have enough dry shampoo and baby-wipes to take a whore’s bath :P

  3. I found even just the pregnancy was murder on my teeth. When I went to the dentist about 3 months after Riley was born I had over 12 cavities to be filled! I’ve been pretty diligent ever since.

    But I know what you mean – when you’re being pulled in a million different directions it’s usually the things that you do for yourself that are the first to go (not that they should be!)

    • I was so hoping I would be the exception. Almost everyone I know that’s had a baby (specially a girl…unless that’s just an old wives tale) has had some form of dental issue during or after pregnancy. I had horribly bleedy gums while pregnant, and would have went to the dentist once Alexa was born but Peter forgot to add me to the dental plan during open enrollment last year :-/
      Ah well…lesson learned. My gums are sore again, but only because I’ve been super diligent about flossing. Weirdly enough, I flossed ALL the time while I was pregnant BECAUSE of the fear of having issues afterward. I am such a dope!

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