Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | June 7, 2010

Blog Trot – Middletown, New Jersey

Today my corner of the world is being featured on Blog Trotting.  An amazing blog that will take you on a virtual vacation every day!   Come with me while I take a walk down memory lane and revisit the town that I grew up in and currently reside.

I’ve lived in Middletown, NJ most of my life.  Attended both of the high schools (South then North) and then the Monmouth County’s community college, Brookdale CC.  I never thought I would stay here as an adult, but something drew me back.  The purchase of a house and the prospect of raising a family where I grew up.

Middletown Township is actually comprised of many smaller towns.  I happen to live in Leonardo to be exact.  A little town made famous by Clerks!   I met Kevin Smith when I was in middle school while he was still working the counter.  I still make a “Quick Stop” there on occasion for a snack :-)  Our little town’s claim to fame draws teens in-mass for amateur photo-shoots (myself included), and random tourists on their way to the beach.  The teens around here still lean on the walls smoking cigarettes and harassing customers.  The cycle continues, ha!

We’re just a 10 minute drive from the beach, though some choose to call it the Jersey Shore.  NOOOO not THAT Jersey Shore, lol!  My beach of choice was always Sandy Hook.  The waves were big, the beaches were crowded, and the sand was hot.  But that’s were we played as children and baked as teens.  I used to have a tee that read “I’m a Sandy Hooker”, my 5th grade teacher was NOT amused.  I had no idea what was wrong with it.  HAHAHAHA not really sure why on earth my parents let me wear that to school?  They’re twisted I tell you!

Some of the best things about living in Central Jersey is it’s proximity to everything you could ever want to do.  Wanna gamble, hope on the parkway and drive south for about an hour and a half and you’re in Atlantic City.  Want to visit the greatest city on earth?  You’re just an hour car or train-ride to NYC!  Need to shop, well malls are in every direction, usually no more than 20 minutes away.  Got a hankerin’ for some Pork Roll???  Come visit one of the thousands of NJ diners just around the corner.

Basically, I live in a pretty amazing place.  Sometimes it takes being asked to write about it to remember that :-)



  1. cool posting I did a blog trotting one a couple of months back about here in Cleveland.
    .-= Mike Golch´s last blog ..Aww…Monday. =-.

    • Thanks, I’ll have to go back and read it. I’ve never been to Ohio.

  2. I can’t believe your mom let you wear that t-shirt to school! ha ha

    Yeah, good ole Jersey. I learned all about it while living in NYC and visiting all my friends spread from Newark (eesh) to Summit (whaa). Many beautiful nooks.

    • OMG I had a better shirt. A few actually. There was “get layed in Hawaii”, “life’s a beach, then you dive”, “butt-naked soccer”, “sex wax brand surf wax” yeah…not so sure I’d even own those types of shirts for my daughter to borrow!

      BTW, Newark is not exactly a beautiful nook :P But once you get past that area it’s nice.

  3. Ahh, over from Blogtrotting. I lived in NJ, Boonton to be exact, while being over to the US as an aupair some (many) years ago. Great memories =)

    • I’ve never been to Boonton, but I’ve been past it. It’s funny, since this state is relatively small you’d think everyone that lives here would know all the towns. We almost never do :-)

  4. yay! Your post reminds me of elements of where I grew up :) I am from the Lehigh Valley (pa), but we visited your neck of the woods. Pork roll is one of the things we soooo miss living here in Vermont- in fact when company was just here for memorial day they brought us a HUGE roll to get us through. That stuff lasts forever- LOL!

    And Sandy Hook… I’ve been there and am curious if parts of it are still the same… in college I learned to surf there and how to, um, make sure sunscreen covered ALL my exposed body. That was a first (and thus far only) nude beach experience for me!

    Great tour :)
    .-= TJ @ Any Given Moment´s last blog ..Tornado Sunday =-.

    • I’m always amazed when I leave this area and there are no diners…and absolutely no pork roll!
      BTW, the nude beach all the way at the end of Sandy Hook is still there. I’ve never been, but we have passed it on my dad’s old boat! My H.S. friends used to lifeguard there, oh the stories :-)

  5. Before I even read the part about Kevin Smith, I saw Middletown and thought of Joey Lauren Adams in Chasing Amy saying she was from “Mid-dle-town, New Jersey” in a sing songy voice. That’s super awesome that you met him when you were in high school! He seems like a cool guy.

    When I was in grade school, I found a t-shirt in my mom’s room that said Coca-Cola and so I took it and wore it to school. What I wasn’t paying attention to was that it said Bacardi Rum and Coke. Needless to say, I had to go home and take it off. Classy.

    Great tour! Thanks for being a part of BlogTrotting!

    • He is a pretty nice guy. And Jay….he’s totally not acting in those movies. I used to see them all the time after the movies came out and they worked at the comic book store in Red Bank. Now that they’re super famous, I don’t think they run the store as often (or at all).

      Thanks for featuring me and my area!

  6. Popped over from Blogtrotting. That is so awesome that you live so close to the beach. How fun.

    • I’m actually just a block away from the beach, though I live on the bay side. The ocean side is much cleaner for swimming, but it’s nice to see the water at any given time :-)

  7. I was in New Jersey for a wedding, and I think I’ve been to the beach at Sandy Hook as well. It was pre-season when I was there so I didn’t see many people, much less any people in the nude (per comment above). Is it a nude beach? A beach for Sandy hookers?

    That t-shirt story is really funny!
    .-= mep´s last blog ..Flip-Flop Contessa =-.

    • Yup, a nude beach indeed. Though, not for hookers :P

  8. I was once in NJ briefly for a wedding, and that is my only experience there! But my best college friend was from Manalapan.
    .-= Sarah at SmallWorld´s last blog ..Blog Trot: The Knoxville area, Tennessee =-.

    • HAHA I have an ex from Manalapan. Used to hang out over there ALL the time!

  9. Being able to drive to NYC in one hour is pretty awesome. It’s been 5 years since I’ve can’t believe it. I miss it there. It’s kind of like driving to LA for me, but NY is WAY cooler!

    • 5 years! A long time. You’re thinking of coming back for a visit soon though right?

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