Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | June 2, 2010

Want It Wednesday – Stacking & Sorting

Today I’m starting, what I hope will be a weekly feature. This is the place where I’ll show you all the things I’m lusting after. Sometimes they’ll be toys for Alexa (yeah…I still want her to play with the pretty things instead of plastic crap, lol), sometimes they’ll be mama things for me.  Who knows what else will end up in the space :-)

Today I want to show you just the cutest, sigh, wooden toys.  Alexa has finally come to the stage where she can put the toy in the corresponding slot (instead of just taking all the toys out of the bin), stack blocks (instead of knocking them down), and fit pegs in a hole (instead of just chewing on the base).

I have to be honest for a second, we had one of those Playskool sorting boxes.  The pukey plastic pink one.  It was a gift.  Alexa barely used it, and mostly just wanted to dump the toys out on the floor.  I sold it at the consignment sale this spring!  HAHAH opps!

Here are my picks for the week:

Chakempil And It’s Mouse
This wooden stacking ring toy is adorable.  When your child gets to the base they find a mouse!  Available at
I really think Alexa would get a kick out of the cat head on the top. She just adores her other kitty toys, so this would be fitting for her current faves.

Educo Pyramid of Play
A wooden stacking, sorting, shape matching, letter/number/picture recognition toy.  Available at
While we were at the last developmental assessment, Alexa seemed to really like playing with their sorting box, so I feel like it’s time that I replace the one I sold off :-)

If I were to pick just one, I would pick the pyramid.  While I ponder which toy I think she’ll get the most use out of, I’m also left wondering which toys need to be packed away.  There are many things she doesn’t seem to care a lick about, so I might as well start rotating them now before she gets attached and notices when I hide them away.  We just got the playroom in order (read about it HERE on my Re-organizing Mom blog), and I do not want to start overwhelming the space with too much stuff!

I’ll leave you with a question.  What toys have you been lusting after for your children?  Are they still young enough that you enjoy shopping for them, or are they at an age now where you just want them to stop begging for a new…thing?



  1. LOL. I hear you mama!

    I have a 7yr Girl and 23mo Boy. They keep me going. My Daughter is currently begging for a “pillow pet” (I blame the ads on TV). She’s pretty content with what she has. We really just rotate through toys each consignment season.

    My Son is too young to ask for toys. He loves the cars. I won a really nice wooden block set from the Atlanta Falcons last year and that has become his all time favorite toy right now.

    Can’t say there’s a lot of toys I’m lusting for. Would love to get a violin for my daughter (she wants one too). And I think my son getting to the age I’d like to start him with some peddle ride-ons. Maybe a trike to start with.
    .-= Steph @ Consignment Sale Queen´s last blog ..Infant Death Prompts Recall of Ring Slings Made by Sprout Stuff Due to Suffocation Risk =-.

    • HAHA I’ve seen the pillow pet in the store. I am not looking forward to when Alexa starts asking for things. Though, if she stays clear of horrid children’s television, maybe I’ll get to wait a bit longer? Give me hope please :P
      I do love the consignment sales though. Such a great way to make a few bucks and save money on things you would buy new. Everything I’ve ever bought from a sale has been as good as new. Honestly, those cheapy toys turned out being some of our faves around here.

      We have an amazing wooden block set, but it’s a supposed to be for kids 2 and up, so we’ll keep it hidden for a while. Then break it out like it’s brand new!

  2. I am continually amazed by what toys Kieran likes and could care less about. I, too, lusted after all wooden toys – but some of them were definite duds. He never played much with his wooden pull toys (he preferred the noisy, old school, plastic popper push toy that my mom got him), and he has barely touched a wooden hammering toy and cute little ball toy that I got from Plan (what kid doesn’t want to hammer those little pegs?!).

    Right now I want to get him more wooden blocks. He plays with his little wooden alphabet blocks fairly regularly, and I think he’d do more if we had a larger variety of shapes/sizes. My husband might throttle me if I brought anything else into the house with lots of pieces though.
    .-= Dionna @ Code Name: Mama´s last blog ..April and May Link Love =-.

    • For some reason I really like the old school toys, even though they are plastic. They’re not all done up to be soooooo sooooo gender specific, which I dig. There’s just something special about having a toy that you used to play with. I bought a Playschool xylophone for that very reason. We do have a popper too…but the IL’s bought the pink one, when I had specifically said I wanted the original colored one. Hmrph. I didn’t return it though, lol!

  3. Oh my gosh, that ring toy is so cute. It’s the mouse that sells it for me!! There aren’t any toys I want for M right now except these little safari animals from Playmobil that Claudia posted a picture of, and a slide for the back yard.

    • Isn’t the mouse to die for? SO SO sweet :-)

      I’m thinking about outdoor toys, but think they’d go to waste this year. At least this summer. Maybe we’ll do something for the fall, but it gets soooo cold here in the winter for so long. Though….I know I’m going to have to grin and bear it because Alexa WILL want to play outside regardless soon :P

  4. man, i LOVE wooden toys. there’s something so much more charming about them.

    the only thing i’m lusting after right now is one of those pull-up-and-play tables that helps them stand. but then i realized… isn’t that exactly what the coffee table is for?
    .-= the grumbles´s last blog favorite time these days =-.

  5. let me just reiterate here my love of beautiful wooden toys. that is all.

    • I’m so glad to be in good company when it comes to my wooden toy obsession :-) I just like how classic and timeless they feel. Like they could be passed down for generations to come :P Oh, I’ll stop the sentimental crap now.

  6. I’m lusting after a huge trampoline at the moment. Won’t be long now..
    .-= Hear Mum Roar´s last blog ..New toy from Mattel – Peek a Boo clock =-.

    • Trampolines are awesome! Too bad my insurance would fuck me if we had one :-( Not sure why they’re in the same risk category as a Pit Bull?

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