Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | June 2, 2010

Moving Rooms

After being featured on Zoey’s blog, Good Goog, I decided it was time to take a little of my own advice.  One piece of advice to her readers was to find a natural home for your belongings.  (ex: If you have a place where you always find yourself opening your mail, well then create a station there.  I tend to bring mine to the kitchen and open it over the garbage.  HAHA, with most paper mail, you’ll find that the trash can is its best home :-))

I have a confession, I have a problem with baby toys.  While I’m sure most of you can sympathize, it was driving me mad.  We have a playroom, but it was almost never used.  It happened to be a room that’s supposed to be a dining room.  It’s between the front living room, and the kitchen.  It’s a room I have to walk through many many times a day.  We had gutted a built in hutch and made it into a built in shelving unit.  This was for toys!  I bought bins and baskets for sorting said toys.  I put bigger ones on the lower shelves so the babe could reach and play.  Her mp3 docking station is in there so we can turn on the music and watch her groove out.  There’s a small TV hooked to our home server if we should want to share cartoons with her (she doesn’t care a hoot about shows, which is OK by me, but  I even have space for crafting supplies for when she’s old enough to particiapate!

The problem was, we didn’t use it.  There was still a dining table in the room that was NEVER used for meals.  It had become a landing spot for mail (when I was too lazy to bring it the extra 10 feet to the kitchen?)  We also used it to keep random junk up off the floor away from Alexa.  So really, I had a big place for trash!  GAH

There was also very little seating in the room.  I had moved my rocker down from the nursery and put it next to her little book shelf, but that was it.  A rocker and an ottoman.  Not very conducive to hanging out and playing.  Weird thing, we had too much seating in the living room.  There was a HUGE sectional (the U-shaped kind) that fit well in the room, but felt overwhelming since it took up a good portion of the space.  Also, since all the good seating was in there, her toys almost always wandered in to join in on the fun :P

You see my problem now?  We have this dedicated space for all of the babe’s toy lovin’ fun, but all her stuff was in…what should be…a “grown-up” type space.  While I’m not a fan of the “forbidden” room, I would still prefer that the first room you walk into when you enter the house not be filled with baby blocks, stuffed animals, and other odds and ends.  I feel better when things are nice and tidy, and this arrangement was NOT making me feel calm!

This weekend, while the boy was away with the babe, I decided to get down to business.  I wanted ALL of the toys back in the playroom!  I wanted my living room to be back in order (btw, we were having new windows installed, and hated the idea of the couch covering ALL of the pretty new glass).  I had about 2 hours to get it all done.  I broke apart the couch, and now the love seat and chaise lounge are taking up an empty corner of the once bare playroom.  The main part of the couch (the 3 seater side) stayed put.  The rocker and ottoman is in the living room corner.  All the toys have a space.  My useless dinging table will be either sold on Craigslist or left out for the local garbage pickers :-)

It’s been 3 full days now, and we’ve used the playroom all day every day!  We may put the big TV back in here so Peter and I can stay in here at night and watch our shows after Alexa goes to bed, hmmmm something to think about.  I’m just so thrilled that the toys have a real home :-)



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  2. I absolutely adore that Ikea rug. :)
    .-= Kate, aka guavalicious´s last blog ..Going Down The Rabbit Hole =-.

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