Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | May 30, 2010

Trashy Toys?

Why is it that Alexa turns her nose up to my picks of lovely handmade, organic, naturally made toys?  Well, I wouldn’t really say that she dislikes them.  It’s just that she LOVES the cheap plastic crap that other’s buy for her.  Or the random stuffed animal that has no charm or charater.  Yeah, she snuggles them within an inch of their life.

I know, I know…kids really like the packaging best.  I’m ok with that.  Hell, I’d take that over her love affair with the stupid dollar store trash some people like to gift her.  Honestly, I’d rather her play with my discarded remotes and cell phones.

Case in point, I ordered her a wooden cart.  I chose it because it was adorable…even has a little basket she can tote her other toys around in.  It also has wheels with adjustable tension so she doesn’t fall flat on her face while learning to walk with it.  Well..she used it for a while, then Peter got the bright idea to buy her a riding toy.  I swore to him she wasn’t big enough for it…and I was right, her feet don’t even touch the ground while she sites on it.

BUT BUT BUT…she can push it around the house just the same as the lonely forgotten wooden cart.  Sure, it’s lighter so it manuvers more easily.  OK it too has a basket (the seat flips upsidedown)!  But comeon, throw me a bone.  Pick my toy please!  NOPE.  She wants the one Daddy bought her.  He even takes her to the basketball courts down the street so she has more room to run it back and forth.  Damn him, he wins again!

So, basically…she has a bunch of toys that are going to end up on shelves or hanging on the walls because they’re sad there forgotten in the corner.  My mom makes fun of me because she says I buy them for me.  I guess I do.  I buy her things I wish I had.  Toys that I would like to see littering my room if I were a kid.  Maybe someday she’ll look back and appreciate the care and thought that went into picking them out for her…until then, they’re MINE ALL MINE :-)



  1. we have 100% stopped buying “real” toys for poppy, because of exactly what you’ve described here! the one recent exception came when we recently got a gift card to fred meyer and i found a fabulous, HUGE sock monkey – and poppy LOOOVES it! snuggles him, carries him around, brings him to us and giggles when we cuddle him. other than that, i leave toys up to gifts other people buy her (and indeed, her very favorites are always the most obnoxious, brightly-colored plastic hyper-crazy light up ones. ugh.)

    funny, like you i remember thinking poppy would be playing with beautiful, natural walfdorf-style toys. far from our reality. her favorite things are empty containers of any kind, magazines she can shred up, my aluminum water bottle, and blankets. cheap thrills man, cheap thrills… (;


    • I love it that both Poppy and Alexa are still at the age that people want to buy them stuff. I guess I should take your lead and let it continue, because at some point she’s going to get too old for people to enjoy the novelty of shopping for her :-)

      OHHHH and Alexa just adores magazines. I keep ones special for her to destroy! Cheep thrills indeed.

  2. Ha ha ha… too funny!!! It’s so funny how they become so attached to particular toys and ones (household objects) you wouldn’t even guess in a million years they would love! You can never tell what it’s going take their fancy!! Max loved his riding toy for a bit but like Alexa can’t ride it yet and was just pushing it around everywhere! He has had a few different obsession phases… plastic bowls (all shapes and sizes), clothes pegs, books and now…cars, cars cars and more cars! He’s completely mad about them and won’t go anywhere without them! I think it’s very cute :)

    I love the wooden cart.. it’s gorgeous! Hopefully she will come back to it a bit later!
    .-= Lx @ my mr lugs´s last blog ..Nose, mouth, ears and shoes… =-.

    • Alexa plays with the items from her grooming kit more often than anything else. The girl just loves to “brush” her hair and suck on the snot-sucker bulb syringe :P

  3. I bet you look adorable zipping around on that thing. :)

    • Oh I’m just too cute with my little cart! Too bad I can’t fit in the basket like Alexa ;D

  4. My 11-mo-old fell in love with a metal and rubber honey dipper that I use for the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah. He found it on a shelf and now, no other toys matter.
    I could basically donate ALL his other toys and he might not even notice. Maybe not the Lightening McQueen car toy though, he loves that thing.
    I feel your pain.

    • OOOH I bet Alexa would go crazy over a honey dipper! Right now she’s still diggin’ her bulb syringe. That and balls, lots and lots of balls **sincker**

  5. Haha! I knew a lady who spotted a plush labrador puppy toy and dragged her four year old son into the toy shop and begged him to love it so she could buy it!
    .-= Hear Mum Roar´s last blog ..Time to rediscover the old me =-.

    • OMG that’s too funny! Sounds like how I am when it comes to Alexa’s Ugly Doll. She’s finally big enough to tote him around, so maybe?

  6. You can always use the beautiful toys as decorative items… (I feel your pain. that totally sucks!)

    • Oh we do! I feel like they will outlast the plastic crap since a lot of them tend to “grow” with the kids. Like her lovely little wooden “roller coaster” toy. Right now she just moves the beads from side to side, but someday she’ll be able to learn colors and counting :-) They’ll stay put no doubt!

  7. We got rid of all of our baby toys before moving to London. We rationalized that if we were to have another baby (we don’t know at the time)… IF we were to have another baby, he or she would obviously be born in the UK and we’ll just buy proper British toys there. Well, SURPRISE. We were back in the states in less than a year and SURPRISE again, I was pregnant.

    Do you know how it feels to have to buy the same cheap plastic crap TWICE? Hold on to all your pretties. You never know…

    • HEHE @ proper British toys! So sweet :-) Good point! My uterus does ache after a visit with my friend’s baby today ;-)

  8. […] place where I’ll show you all the things I’m lusting after. Sometimes they’ll be toys for Alexa (yeah…I still want her to play with the pretty things instead of plastic crap, lol), […]

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