Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | May 18, 2010

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I make small attempts to be “green”, but most of my “recycling” is done more to save money, than to save the planet.

There are many baby related items that lose their purpose pretty early on in the game.  I try to re-purpose as much as possible…specially if it’s something that I’ve opened that I cannot donate or sell.

Here’s a list of the ways I’ve stretched the use of some baby stuff:

Nursing pads – I never had a milk surplus, so I didn’t need pads to soak up any leaks.  I did, however, have super sore nips after many LONG pumping sessions in the beginning.  Using the pads in my bra helped cut down on any friction, and also kept my bra clean after using creams to soothe the poor babies.  I then got a chance, heh, to use them again when the babe gave me a nasty case of thrush and I thought my boobs might fall off!  I’m hanging on to them for a while longer just in case it happens again…but after, almost 15 months of pumping/nursing, I hope to be done soon.

Lanolin Cream – I barely made a dent in the tube I bought for bf’ing.  I was all set up to have horrible issues with latch (ie: blister, tears, bleeding).  Luckily we skipped that part (I’m sure because he had to use shields for the first few months).  So I was left with this full tube of super thick and greasy cream.  You know what it’s amazing for?  Lip balm!  I use it every single night after I brush my teeth before heading to bed.  Makes for lovely soft lips in the morning.  I use a little in the morning too.  No smell, no taste, no more peely lips :-)

Boppy Pillow – We still use this from time to time for nursing sessions.  Specially at night when Alexa is falling asleep and wants to lay in my lap to drift off.  She’s much too squirmy during the day though to bother.  For a while we were using it for tummy time, or to prop behind her while she was learning to sit.  Now it plays double duty as padding below the coffee table.  Our table is round and has sharp little metal feet that come off the middle post.  While it’s more of a side table these days (more space in the middle of the room with it off to the side), but she still tends to play near it.  I didn’t want her to smash her face, so the Boppy lays over the feet to keep things safe.

Baby Clothes – Alexa is a skinny baby, so she tends to outgrow her clothes only in length.  She still has some things from her first few months that fit, how crazy is that!  Well to make the most of her old clothes that were barely used last summer (honestly, how many dresses does a baby need…you know they spend most of their time in jammies and onsies right?)  Now these dresses that were knee length are adorable little baby doll shirts!  They fit perfectly and cut down on the amount of new clothes I had to buy.  Though…she’s still in the stage where everyone wants to buy her cute stuff…so we, again, have too much!  Hopefully next summer we can do the same thing with the new stuff :-)  Also, I try to buy things a little bigger than needed so she gets maximum usage out of her clothes.  The only thing that makes this hard is pants.  She’s too thin to fit in most jeans and “dressy” pants that fit her in length.  Hoping she’s truer to size come fall when long pants will be necessary again.

Maternity Clothes – Here’s where I out myself.  I’ve had almost no luck losing the baby weight.  SOOOOOOOOOO like none of my pre-preg clothes fit me.  I have been wearing one pair of maternity jeans ALL year long.  They’re the only ones that don’t give me a muffin top!  HAHA.  I also wore a few maternity dresses over the winter because I really liked them :-)  I have, however, sold all but one maternity clothing item (those precious jeans, haha).  Hoping that FINALLY going back to the gym this summer will cut out the need, but I still have my backup :P

Now I turn to you, what uses did you find for old baby stuff?  I love to sell stuff, but sometimes I get the urge to hang on to Alexa’s things (just in case I ever decide to do it again).  Give me a good reason to keep some more!


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