Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | May 17, 2010

Some Perspective – A Year Later

Lately I’ve been thinking about how a year of parenting has passed…but it’s not easier!  I thought it was supposed to get easier!  But, when I really think back to how it was a year ago…I gain a little perspective on how much harder it really was.  Please, even 3 months ago was a world of difference!

Let’s take a look at what our life looked like this time last year:
daddy and baby in motion

Alexa was only supposed to be a few weeks old at this point (though she was actually 2.5 months).  She was starting to track objects with her eyes.  WOW, she only weighed 8lbs, damn!  SOOOO teeny.  We were still trying to get her off the bottle and on the boob full time.  She had developed her first case of thrust.  NASTY!  We were still dealing with the apnea monitor, damn that thing was annoying, but a total life (and sanity) saver!  Her nighttime sleep was actually better then than it is now, sneaky baby giving us hope :P  Though, we co-slept full-time and she napped ON me ALL day, because someone would not sleep alone ever ever ever.  We went to the doctors, what seemed like, every week back then.  Specialists and monthly pedi visits because of the prematurity.  There was a whole lot of monitoring going on, though somehow it wasn’t scary…it was just life.  I guess after the NICU, no amount of doctors appointments could feel like a lot.

SOOOOOOOOOOO when I take a minute to think about all that we’ve been through, and how far we’ve come…of course it’s easier now than it was back then!  Sometimes a dose of perspective can really do wonders for the pity party I’ve been having.



  1. The apnea monitor was the bane of our existence for about 5 months. I hated that thing with the fire of 1000 suns.

    I definitely have to reel myself in and have some perspective from time to time. Otherwise, it could get ugly.
    .-= Jennifer @ three pugs & a baby´s last blog ..{ happy 101 and prader-willi syndrome awareness month } =-.

    • We had it for almost 5 months as well! 4.5 to be exact, I just looked up the date when we were officially off. It wasn’t so bad after a while though, since we only had to use it when she was sleeping, or if we were driving (one of us alone with her). Was a scary time now that I think of it. That damn thing went off for no reason ALL the time towards the end. She was just too big and wiggly to keep it connected correctly.

      This is the first time I really went back and compared today vs a year ago. It was good timing, since there’s such a drastic difference right now!

      • Turtle had to be on it all the time, unless he was being bathed, fed or had our absolute 100% attention. It was brutal.

        We were supposed to lose it at 4 months, but his bradies started ramping up again at that time, so they kept us on another month just to be sure. Every time it went off in that last month, I cried.

        • I hated that…knowing that each alarm meant more time on that damn thing. Though….the last month it sounded falsely so much we could barely use it.

  2. It will keep on getting easier. Once she can walk, your world will change. And once she can talk? Forget about it.

    • The walking is almost here…and my god the gibber gabber that comes out of her mouth! Cannot wait till she can just wander around and tell me what she wants!

  3. Wow.. I can’t believe how tiny she was… SO littel SO sweet! I’m glad a bit of perspective has helped.. I ‘m sure it will only keep getting better :)

    • It was a really good idea for me to write this post. It made a lot of my random complaints seems so stupid. I’m sure in another year it will seem even more surreal that she was ever so small!

  4. I have a nine year old, a three year old, and a two year old. Life is still very hectic around here, but I can honestly say now they are all out of the baby stage, it’s easier than it was
    .-= Hear Mum Roar´s last blog ..Update =-.

    • WOW, one big one and 2 little ones. Was it super hard to get back in the groove when your 2nd child was born?

  5. Sleep is gold…once they sleep, it was all good in my book:)

    • I’m soooooooooooooooo ready for sleep. So so so ready. Can’t wait for that status update…the “she slept through the freakin’ night guys!!!!!!!!” OMG I can almost taste the glory. LOL

  6. Yes… the sleeping through the night and long evenings (when she started going to bed around 5:30pm) alone… that’s when we got the crazy idea for the number two :-) I got a feeling there will be another one in your future… you two make the cutest babies ever.

    • HAHA I’m scared for that point. I’m already started to let my defenses down about having a second. Can’t imagine how vulnerable I’ll be once I’m actually sleeping next to Peter again! We do make some pretty effin’ cute babies ;-)

  7. Good gravy, it’s hard to imagine Alexa was ever so teeny!
    .-= Claudia´s last blog ..GTT: tick tock goes the clock =-.

    • I know! I remember when I used to bounce her to sleep by sitting on a yoga ball. Her feet didn’t even reach my lap. As she grew, she would always wake up if her feet bumped my legs. It’s how we could tell she was getting longer :-) She was so light. I almost can’t imagine how it felt to hold her. I guess this is the point where the new baby fever kicks in…when you start to really miss holding your baby…well…like a baby :-)

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