Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | May 14, 2010

Baby Names

Ok, I really need to stop looking up baby names and their meanings.  The thing is, there are so many awesome ones out there, and great nicknames to go by when given these aforementioned awesome names.  Some of my bloggy friends picked out such imaginative ones for their babies.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Alexa’s name (full name is really Alexandra), there are just so many choices out there.

My problem is, by looking up different and new names, I get all baby feverish.  Haha, remember when I said never again?  Yeah, well I said the same thing about ever having even one, so my word is so NOT my bond in this matter :P  I was adamantly against having a baby in the first place.  I was “Child Free”, oh so hardcore, ha!  Sooooo, when I say I’ll never have a second (or a third), I’m just not to be trusted.

Now don’t any of you worry.  I’m not about to get on the baby-making bus anytime soon.  Peter and I have some ‘ish to work out before that happens again.  That, and I don’t know that I could ever really do it again.  I mean, another year of being home with a baby full-time?  Another year of breastfeeding?  Another year of NO SLEEP?  Dunno that I can do it again.  Might have to wait till the “baby amnesia” hits in a few years.  But when (WAIT..IF, IF!) we decide to do it again, I have a freakin’ great list of names to choose from!



  1. I thought Julian would probably be my only, and then the baby amnesia hit me hard…and now we have Audrey. :)
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..two months =-.

    • You spaced yours the same way I would like to…should we decide to play another round of this game. Julian is old enough to appreciate being a big brother, and you have plenty of one-on-one time with Audrey. Perfect timing!

  2. I have three beautiful kids, and I’m sure I’m done now. Unless we have an accident, which I hope to god we don’t. lol
    .-= Hear Mum Roar´s last blog ..I’m joining the nuddy bloggers!!! =-.

    • I go back and forth every day about it. An only child is fine with me…and then it’s not. I dunno, but I didn’t know if I ever wanted one, so there’s that :-) How old are you kids btw?

  3. Haha, I always knew I wanted two. Thank god I had a super easy pregnany & delivery with my first. If I had the nonsense that I had with my second the first time around I never would have had another!

    • That’s one of my issues…since I had such a bad time with Alexa’s preterm birth! I don’t know if I could put myself through the chance of a second one of those.
      .-= Amber´s last blog ..Baby Names =-.

  4. My sisters name is Alexandra – it’s a great, strong name! We call her Allie though :)

    My name, Bronwen, means “pale breast” – as soon as I was old enough to learn this I cursed my mum for it!! haha I’m not so bothered now, but at 12 when at school it was all the rage to learn your name’s meaning it was not cool. I used to re-phrase it to “pale skin” lol.

    Picking a name for a child is a big deal!!
    .-= Bronnie´s last blog ..Loving random Thursday nights =-.

    • I love her name because it has SOOO MANY variations! So many choices for her when she gets older and wants to change things up a bit :-)
      I agree with you about how important it is. You have to think about horrible nicknames that other kids will give them, what it rhymes with, how it sounds with your last name! What the initials are, my god my parents did not think about that for me (mine are ASS, fun times!).

  5. I have two and you def need to wait for amnesia to kick in… LOL-
    mine are 3.5 yrs apart….perfect

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