Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | April 29, 2010

Traveling With The Babe

Yeah…she wasn’t a fan.  Alexa was none too happy when we woke her up at 5:30am to make the trek to Newark Airport.  She was even more unhappy when she realized she had to sit STILL for more than 5 minutes.  We had one of those days that made me want to mark her “return to sender”.  I had booked an early flight so we could maximize our time in Austin.  Did not work out, we ended up getting to the city and napping till almost 8pm.  I can’t even remember if we got dinner that night.  It was a blur.

The next few days were spent scouting out neighborhoods and Austin “culture”.  Being strapped into a carseat, a stroller, or a highchair did not make for a happy baby.  The hotel was beautiful, but did not allow for the constant play she’s used to.  She got stir-crazy I think.

Add to all this, the fact that she barely ate the first few days.  Apparently my baby is not crazy about super organic baby food from the Whole Foods mecca, lol!.  I ended up smushing up many a banana, because it’s all she would take.  That and random bits of food we were eating.  She basically nursed ALLLLLL night long to make up for her shit eating during the day.  Fun for me?  My boobs feel like they’re about to fall off now.  I’m sooooo ready to wean, her?  NOPE!

We did spend the last full day there doing things for her.  A trip to the Austin Children’s Museum and Zilker Park.  That kept her entertained and she slept (and ate) MUCH better that night.  The day of departure Peter took her back to the museum to wear here out a bit more.  I guess it worked like a charm because she slept almost the entire trip back!  W00T!

Vacation fucked up sleep patterns though.  She’s back to nursing almost all night even though we’re back home.  She’s eating fine during the day again, but is still getting acclimated to being back home.  Today was the first regular day, and she seems to be almost back to her cheerful self.  One can hope this trend continues.

I guess travel is hard on adults too.  I was fighting with Peter because we were together for so many hours on end.  I’m used to him being at work all day, spending a few hours together at night and then sleeping in separate rooms :-/  Being in a car together a good portion of the day(s) and then actually sleeping next to him (and the baby…she’d have none of her baby jail, ummm, crib at the hotel).

I came home so sick of both of them.  Yesterday I just wanted to be ALONE!  I didn’t end up getting my wish, but as the day wore on I calmed the eff back down :-)

Today all has returned to normal.  Peter went back to work, Alexa napped on her own, and I got some much needed me time!



  1. I get that…sometimes I get sick of Husband when he’s home for the weekend. Go back to work already!

    • We used to spend all our time together…now we’re so busy that hanging out for hours on end never happens. I guess it was overwhelming to have to talk to an adult all day :P

  2. I remember a trip we took to NM when Kieran was around a year old. His nursing shot up more than usual & our sleeping was disrupted.
    I was so thankful that I had that connection with him – I know that his stress at the travel was calmed by breastfeeding. :)
    .-= Dionna @ Code Name: Mama´s last blog ..The Joys of Breastfeeding a Toddler #4 =-.

    • I’m very thankful I have the ability to calm her…I pushed the trip up to this spring instead of waiting till fall for that reason. I wanted to be able to nurse on the plane for the ear pressure and for the comfort. It was still way exhausting after we had started making progress with night weaning :-/

  3. OMG… what a nightmare.. you poor bugger!! It’s such hard work travelling with a little one and in unfamiliar surroundings!! I’m glad everything is getting back to normal :)
    .-= Lx @ my mr lugs´s last blog ..Belly, teddy and bottle! =-.

    • Even if you love where you’re visiting, it’s lovely to be home again. I guess even babies miss their own beds!

  4. We keep talking about flying to either New York or Chicago in Dec, and I am so nervous to do that with Max. He does not like to sit still, so I’m worried about having the screaming baby on the plane! Traveling has got to always be a little nerve racking with a little one right?!

    • OOHHHH please come to NYC so we can meet up! HEHE…totally selfish, I know!

      I was very nervous about how other travelers would react, but really most of the people on the plane were great. Some would “play” with her.

      If I might suggest something, fly late at night if you can. We tried to time things around naptime, but that didn’t really work. I think she would have done MUCH better had we flown in after she was supposed to be in bed for the night. That way’re not rushing around super early in the morning after not getting enough sleep yourself :-) Next time, this is our plan.

  5. No sage traveling advice here, just comisseration. We traveling across a few states at Christmas to be with family and it royally screwed Jude’s schedule. I was pissed about it for weeks afterwards. And we didn’t even fly, we just drove! I think traveling with wee ones is just really freaking hard, on them and on us. Now someone please mail this to my parents, kthanksbye.
    .-= the Grumbles´s last blog ..the kindness and karma contest =-.

    • I’d be happy to tell your family that they have to come to you next time! HEHE, if only they would listen. I guess I’m lucky since our family all lives close. Well the main members.

  6. gosh lady – sounds like a hectic trip! sorry to hear that the travel messed with alexa’s schedule; i know you guys have been working really hard with her on that! hopefully she’ll settle back into a good routine soon. and might i just commend you for continuing to breastfeed? way to go, mama! you’re amazing!

    also, i realized i never answered your question on my blog re: poppy’s nap transition! sorry about that. basically, while we were in california she suddenly stayed up later into the day, took a long afternoon nap, and went to bed a little earlier than usual. just like that! went from 2 naps to 1. in the last month she’s been teething (she has FOUR teeth that i can see coming in, poor lamb!) so she’s been randomly extra sleepy, which results in some 2-nap days. basically i’ve been letting her call the shots – she always wakes up between 7:30-8:30 am – if she’s super fussy/acting tired around 10:30 i let her nap for as long as she wants, which usually results in her needing a second nap around 5:00pm. i don’t let the second nap go for longer than 40 minutes, and LUCKILY she still sleeps fine at night even after taking the second nap. there’s only been 1 day i can think of where she slept shitty after that schedule, and i honestly think it was teething pain more than anything else… (:

    so, yeah! i think i’m just really lucky that p’s defense technique against teething is to sleep more! she’s sleeps on average 10-11 hours at night and naps very well during the day. the only troubles i’m running in to are 1) she’s not tolerating much solid food since her mouth is hurting her, so mealtimes have been tricky and 2) sometimes halfway through her big nap she wants to be picked up and cuddled, so i don’t always get much (any) baby-free time during the day. but i’ve learned to keep h20, dvds & my iphone at hand so naptimes can actually be fun for both of us!

    haha, there’s a novel of a comment for you! love ya dear! hugs!

    • HAHA it’s so funny about the bf’ing. I’m so so so ready for it to be over and done with at this point. It’s all Alexa that’s driving it right now. I try to read her cues and let her do what she needs to do. Not saying we’ll go on for years and years, but I guess we’ll go for as long as she needs the comfort. Still trying to night wean though!!!

      As for naps…we too try to just go with the flow of the day. 1 nap? Great. 2 naps? Even better (lol one nap almost never equals the same total time as 2 would be). You are indeed lucky though. Teething seems to be going pretty well for you guys. Maybe because she’s a tad older and getting the “easy” ones in now. I’m soooo soooo soooo dreading molars!

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