Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | April 19, 2010

Manic Monday?

Welcome back to yet another installment of Manic Monday!

Today was a weird day.  Alexa has been night weaning and teething.  Fun times.  She was in rare form today.  I could use a nap!  We didn’t do much today since Little Miss required more cuddles and naps that usual.

She just loves playing with my old phone.  I loved my white cell, but she chewed/licked/sucked on it too many times and it died.  Now I have a blue version, and I let her play with the dead one.  I think she’s wise to my tricks though, since it no longer lights up!

Text Me! Dropped Call :-(

We’re expecting to see another tooth any day now.  It’s been over a month since Alexa’s sprouted any new ones (last one was up top).  As you can see, she’ll chew on just about anything these days!

Teething Much? Will Eat ANYTHING!

When all else fails, and she won’t be consoled, we play on the floor in her room.  It’s quiet and pretty and it almost always makes her happy!

Bedroom Floor Chomp!

I do wish we had closet doors.  Alexa seems to agree, lol!  She has 2 closets in her room.  One we use for her stuff, one for our overflow and linens.  All the doors were taken off 2 years ago when we had the floors done.  Yeah…never got to the task of replacing them.  Opps.

Need Closet Doors! Distressed!!!

We did manage to take a nice long walk after Alexa’s first nap.  We even paid a visit to the local park.  She’s still not impressed by the swings or the slide.  Maybe someday!

Swing?  Meh You Call This A Slide?

After we came home, Alexa enjoyed another nap while my father and a family friend continued work on the downstairs half bath.  The tile is done!  Now we just need to get a sink and toilet in there and it will be in working order.  They tell me tomorrow is the day we can finally pee downstairs :P  After Alexa woke, she had a snack.  Finally moving on to big girl food.  She’s a little picky when it comes to picking sticky foods up though, so I hand fed her bananas coated in nilla wafer crumbs.

Bathroom Remodel Big Girl Plate

Here’s the rest of the photos I loaded today.



  1. What a cutie girl! Her big girl plate sounds pretty tasty to me! Save me a plate next time!
    .-= marta´s last blog ..idle chat =-.

    • It was tasty! I can’t wait till she eats more “real” food. Soon enough we can share our meals!

  2. Gorgeous photos!! I think Alexa is getting cuter by the day… If that is possible… she’s just gorgeous! Love the swing photo … ha ha ha.. one day she will enjoy it :) It’s so funny you have to coat the banana for her to pick up… It’s so sweet!
    .-= Lx @ my mr lugs´s last blog ..Manic Monday =-.

    • Haha, I learned that trick from a site that talked about coating tofu cubes in graham cracker crumbs. I coat everything slippery now :-)

  3. Is it wrong that I love the crying photo? There is just something cute about it. Max hates fruit, I keep trying! In fact I tried banana AGAIN today, so the trick might be nila wafer crumbs eh?
    Max is getting molars I think! He keeps sticking his fingers way back in his mouth, drooling like crazy, and chewing on EVERYTHING! He gets fussy at times. Poor babies!
    She is such a cutie! Seriously! :)

    • I LOVE crying pictures! I take them all the time. I think they’re hilarious :-)

      Alexa goes back and forth on bananas. She’s weird. Sometimes they have to so ripe they look like they’re about to rot :P You could try crushing up Cheerios instead of wafers if he likes them too!

      Have you ever tried giving him an icecube in one of those mesh feeding bag things?

  4. Nothing but cute! I love the one where she is biting her toy.

    • She bites anything and everything. One of her faves is the edge of a dining table if we’re out to eat. Weird baby.

  5. Great photos! Alexa is a doll! Colby didn’t like the swings/slides last year, but now I can’t keep him off them!
    .-= Allison´s last blog ..Happy Birthday – Part 2 =-.

    • I’m sure she’ll take to the playground eventually. I’m just totally jealous of all those giggling babes next to us. Ahhh the things we stress about :P

  6. Oh the cuteness!

    • It’s too much sometimes :-)

  7. I love your photos. And Alexa is cute even on Mondays :-)
    .-= mrs.notouching´s last blog ..Moooooved! =-.

    • I guess not everyone hates Mondays! She gets me all to herself after a busy weekend. I’m sure it’s like rest to her :-)

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