Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | March 7, 2010

Gated Off

Alexa has started to climb stairs. Since she’s been able to crawl she’s been drawn to our “Asian shoe pile” that lies at the bottom of the staircase. Well last week she decided that she wanted to CLIMB. Sooo, that means we need gates!

We do not want to gate off the whole house. It’s be suggested that we just get a playpen type gate, like in the Rugrats. Ummm no. I don’t want to park my daughter in the middle of a cage. I also don’t want her to think that just because it’s within her reach it’s fair game. Like Christie @ Childhood101 says:

How our children treat others and belongings stems from their observations of our own behaviour as adults and from the messages we communicate, especially in social situations.

I want Alexa to learn to respect her belongings and ours.  I want to teach her that just because she can reach something, doesn’t mean she should touch it.  I know, for now, when I’m reasoning with her (rather than just saying NO to EVERYTHING) she doesn’t really understand me…but really I’m training myself how to talk to her in the future when she does :-)

Can you tell I’ve been reading my Unconditional Parenting book already?  TeeHee



  1. I completely agree with you :) Imagine being stuck in a play pen with everything you can see, looks exciting and it’s out of reach!! I couldn’t imagine always putting Max in a play pen! Though we did use one for a bit when we were in NZ only because it wasn’t a 100% safe place, but he thought it was fun and we would climb in there with him which he loved ! A while ago I felt like I was saying “NO” to Max all the time and hated it, because I was being so negative to him, which is not good! Anyway I read somewhere about ignoring bad behaviour and encourage/praise good behaviour! By Ignoring bad behaviour you are not giving it (what ever they are doing) any attention, so in their eyes it’s boring and will stop doing it, eventually! It seems to work really well, I just quietly pull him away from whatever he’s doing that it not good and distract him with something else! Obviously there are somethings you can’t control, like the stairs!! We block ours with a suitcase at the moment, until he figures out how to climb over it!! But it’s so cool she is climbig stairs… so much fun for them!! :)
    .-= Lx´s last blog ..Happy 1st Birthday Max =-.

    • I think they have their uses, but I’ve seen too many people just plop their kids in them all day, at home, rather than interact and actually tend to their children.  Like so many other forms of baby equipment, they are not intended to be babysitters.  

      I still find myself saying NO too much, but I am trying to retrain myself.  Really, the world loses its value if you say it to everything.  I like you’re idea of just moving Max from where he’s doing something “bad” and redirecting.  I try to do that too, but maybe I should do it with less explanation so I’m not feeding into the behavior. 

      Ahhhh parenting, so many trails and errors :-)

  2. Seems our whole house is one big gate….and I say NO to EVERYTHING:(

    • Maybe I’m just too lazy to baby-proof :P
      Somehow I don’t think you say no to everything.  I see you as this totally sweet dotting mom!  I bet you’re a bit mush because you seem so nice!

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