Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | March 6, 2010


Confession time…I’m a total wannabe! I want to be that crafty mom, that baking mom, that pulled together fun mom…feeding kids healthy snacks and having the house everyone wants to hang out at.

As it stands now I’m just a faker. I have a sewing machine still in it’s box hiding lonely in the closet. I have tons of new piping supplies still waiting to be mated with a cake. There’s a collection of jars and magazines just waiting to be filled up and torn into.

Right now I’m trying to just collect things so that when the mood strikes the supplies are here. I guess that’s where this fits with organizing. If everything is is nicely sorted out and within arms reach I’ll be more likely to use it :-)



  1. I so agree! I want to be the home-baking/sewing/scrapbooking/house always spotless/fun activity mum. Instead I’m surrounded by a gazillion started but unfinished projects . . .
    .-= Zoey @ Good Goog´s last blog ..Peas in a Pod =-.

    • I am the MASTER of starting projects. Oh yeah, that reminds me, I should really get on that pregnancy scrapbook :P

  2. No I wanna’s, just do it!! I consider myself a crafty baker mama, but the house part eh…. You know I’d rather do the fun stuff.Don’t get me wrong I tidy the house just about every other day, but I wouldn’t want to entertain people. LOL. I’m really looking forward to when Max is old enough to make things with me. You too mama!!
    .-= Sarah Mommy Elephant´s last blog ..Flashback Fridays -Archie =-.

    • I used to keep an immaculate house! I’ve been weird about always moving furniture and cleaning since I was very young. Now, when I have time to do anything, I just want to rest…makes for a lazy mama :-/

      I’m really looking forward to when Alexa can make stuff with me too! Her birthday brought out the crafty person I know I can be, but it will be so much more fun when we’re doing it together!

      As for sewing, I really have no idea what I’m doing, I just want to learn. The problem is, I can’t do it when she’s sleeping because it’s too noisy (maybe when I know she’s sleeping better I’ll take the chance, lol…but for now, I try not to do ANYTHING to wake her!).

      You’re cupcake baking makes me totally jealous, but it’s probably for the best, because I would eat them all if I was just baking for us. Peter’s not in one of those offices where people bring treats in so he never takes desserts to work to share.

  3. I have always wanted to be crafty, and I just don’t seem to have it in me. I can knit pretty well, but the finished product never seems to come out looking quite as polished as I would look. After hoarding yarn for years, I finally realized that I tend to pick a project and then buy the yarn (as opposed to starting with the yarn and picking a project). So, when we started cleaning out the house in preparation for baby #2, I gathered up all the yarn that isn’t currently mid-project or marked for a specific project, and donated it to the local senior center. It won’t help me with my finishing techniques, but it makes me feel better to purge some stuff from the house!
    .-= Carla´s last blog ..Here Comes the Sun =-.

    • You comment came at the perfect time. I’m just about to write up an entry about purging! It’s like you’re reading my mind!

      What a great idea for donating. I would have never thought of it. I guess we could all do something similar with crafting supplies (senior centers, day camps, after school programs, etc).

      BTW, purging makes me feel soooo good too, though I’m rarely sentimental. I have felt a bit more attached to some of Alexa’s teeny tiny baby things though (and purchased pretty boxes to save keepsakes!).

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