Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | March 3, 2010


There are a few things that I’ve done since my baby was born to help keep things orderly, to make my mommy-ing easier, and really…to let me be as lazy as possible in some respects. A good system to create LESS work for you…not more. If it creates more work, you’re less likely to use it…defeating the purpose, and tacking on more guilt.

What I’ve done throughout the house is set up zones, hot-spots, activity centers…whatever you want to call them. I’m sure I’ll miss a few, but here’s a list so you get the idea.

  • Bathing – Since our bathroom is crazy small, we keep all of the baby’s bath related items in her closet. The tub sits on the shelf when it’s not in use. The bottles of shampoo, conditioner, etc are in the cubies of an unused shoe organizer. The towels and cloths are in the same organizer. When she used to get sponge baths in the first weeks we kept all of that stuff in the top drawer of her changing table/dresser, but once she moved on to the tub this worked best. Everything is easily accessible and easy to put away when done!
  • Pumping – When we were still dealing with the NICU I pumped ALLLL the time. I had a hospital grade rental pump that took up a lot of room. We moved the “rocker” into our bedroom and put a plastic drawer unit next to it. I kept all my supplements, pads, creams in one drawer, extra pump parts in another, and other odds and ends in the last. This gave me a place to keep the remote, food, drink so I could get comfy and be entertained during those 45 minute sessions…ugggh!
  • Breastfeeding – In the beginning I nursed in our bedroom. It was still cold out, so it was easier to snuggle up in the bedroom, so I basically switched out the pumping supplies for the bf’ing supplies (a lot of the same). Now we nurse wherever, but in the beginning it was essential to have all my stuff at an arms reach!
  • Diaper changing – There are a few of these throughout the house. The main one being in the living room. We cloth diaper and they take up a lot of room, so we turned the TV table into a diaper changing dresser. There we house, within 2 drawers, all the cloth diapers and a few disposables, creams, wipes, changing pad. That way I don’t have to climb the stairs when, honestly, we spend most of our time on the living room floor.
  • Feeding – Now that the baby is on solids we’ve started to dedicate portions of the kitchen cabinets to her food and supplies. There’s one side of an upper cabinet that holds all her bottles and food related items. We also use this cabinet to contain all of her medications and tooth brushing needs (much easier to remember to do it right after her last meal/bottle). I do still make some of her food purees, so some stuff is in the fridge/freezer, but keeping the bulk of her meal supplies together makes preparing meals much easier when you’ve slept like shit the night before :-)
  • Play area – our dining room is a very underused waste of a space really, so we’ve dedicated half of it to use as a playroom. There’s a pretty rug on the floor for her to crawl on, the rocker has been moved down there now to be used for reading time, a sling bookcase was purchased to hold all age appropriate books so she can reach them and chow down HA. Also, we gutted an old built-in china cabinet and added shelving to house toy bins, craft supplies, and a TV (power and cable were ran so no extension cords have to be strung through the room). I hope to have some signs made up to attach to the bins and other storage containers so the baby can help put things away…when she’s no longer a baby :-)

As you can see…over the past year our needs have changed, and so have my systems. The thing that has stayed the same is that I try to keep it as simple as possible. Keeping like with like makes doing the task faster and easier. Being able to find what you need…when you need it…is the most basic and important thing when it comes to being “organized”!



  1. One thing I didn’t realise before we had Riley was that a house that seemed spacious enough will become incredibly cramped once they arrive. I’m convinced we need a bigger house.
    .-= Zoey @ Good Goog´s last blog ..Persistence =-.

    • It’s amazing how much space such small people can take up! SOOOO much stuff comes with a baby. Like it or not, even if you tray to go the minimalistic way, people…well meaning people…will keep giving you STUFF! OMG the toys, and she’s barely old enough to play with them HA!

      My kitchen is big, but I swear we need more cabinets just for the added dishes, and there will be MORE very soon when she starts feeding herself.

      Soon there will be more more more of everything! Good thing I feel little to no guilt about returning unwanted gifts, getting rid of clutter, and donating or selling off things we no longer use :-)

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