Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | February 27, 2010

Extension Granted

It’s been 30 days since I wrote this post.  That means that I’ve met my breastfeeding goal of ONE FULL YEAR!  WOW, never ever thought I would make it this long after all the problems we had.  After a week like we’ve had, I’m not sure how I made it past the last 7 days.  Read about it here, here, and here!  I’m pretty damn sure had things went down like this 10 months ago, I would have given up for sure.  I applaud those of you that push through the horrible pain…because for all of our issues, I’ve never suffered much physically.

When I thought about this day last month I truly believed we would have started weaning by now…and I did try a little bit.  BUT…then…Alexa went and did something so cute.  Something I never thought I would see as endearing.  Something I thought would be super annoying and a good reason to get her off my boobs.  Well, on the 15th she pulled my shirt down and basically motor boated me!  She knew what she wanted and she dove in face first.

My heart melting moment, coupled with the fact that I still have NO OTHER TRICK in my bag to get her to sleep, has made it hard to even attempt weaning.  Also, even though our pediatrician says we’re good to go, I (and Peter to some extent) don’t feel comfortable giving her just “milk” and solids just yet.  Truth be told she doesn’t eat like a real one year old.  She’s trying the whole chewing thing, but doesn’t have it down pat.  I really think she should be able to chow down a bit more on her own before we take away all the liquid gold.

So for now I guess we’re extending the nursing.  Maybe we’ll revisit weaning for her corrected 1st birthday.  Or maybe not.  Maybe we’ll keep on truckin’ till she’s 2 like the WHO recommends.  I’m pretty sure I’ll be the topic of much mocking amongst family members.  The same ones (on both mine and Peter’s side) that like to talk shit about their siblings who are “STILL?” nursing their almost 2 year olds.  Egads, my GAWD, NOOOOOO!

I actually talked to 3 different people about extended nursing for some reason or another this week.  Guess all the boob pain keeps it fresh in my mind and right on the surface for topics of discussion, heh.  My one friend thinks it’s OK up to 2, but after that is a little weird.  My half sister warned me not to become “one of those people” who nurse their 6 year old.  Lastly, my neighbor was freaked by her friend who’s 4.5 year old daughter that lifted her mother’s shirt in neighbor lady’s living room for a drink (because neighbor’s son was in the room…and OMG he was 3!).  Both my neighbor and my half sister truly believe that you’re just a pacifier to the child and it’s wrong.

Let me state my opinion on the matter.  I don’t necessarily want to be “one of those people”, but who knows.  And better yet, who am I to judge.  Have you ever read about breastfeeding in Mongolia?  Some strange shit by American standards…but what I wouldn’t give to have the support and normalization of feeding my child naturally!  My other gripe is with the whole pacifier thing.  My boobs are not a pacifier.  They provide comfort, yes, but a paci is modeled after a nipple…not the other way around! </rant>

Ok…now that I’ve rambled a bit…

I’m not sure what we’ll do, only time will tell.  But sometimes, just sometimes, I really want to go the extra crunchy alternative route just to prove everyone I know wrong.  I mean, how sweet is it when someone tells you not to do something, only to be successful doing just what they warned you against?  Like I told my half sister…if I went till Alexa was 6 at least she’ll never get a cold :P



  1. Congratulations! Such an achievement to make it to the first year! I think because Riley already had to take a bottle when I was at work, weaning was pretty uncomplicated for us. But like you, if she had protested, I think we would have gone longer. While I understand that biologically human children are probably supposed to breastfeed up until anywhere in between 2.5 to 7 years, I don't know how comfortable I would be with full-term breastfeeding. But Alexa is still so young – not a decision you have to make for ages.

    • I don’t know how long we’ll go…as it turns out she’s actually “learning” to fall asleep sans boob!  A fantastic turn of events.

  2. Awesome! We just made it to the one year mark, too. I don't see us stopping anytime soon, either. I think it would be too much of a hassle considering breastfeeding being the only way to calm Archer down if he's upset, and like you, this is the only way I can get him to sleep. I say keep going, it's great for both of you!

    • We found a new trick!!!!  Well, really she’s just finally started to let us lay down next to her (either Peter or me) and just pat/shush her to sleep.  It’s been working well all week, go figure :-)

  3. many congrats on the FULL YEAR!!! alexa is going to be the healthiest nugget ever! (: i am always a believer in listening to one's inner monkey as a good philosophy to follow on mothering – hasn't steered me wrong yet! so i say go with what feels right for you and your wonderful girl as things come your way. and ALWAYS be proud of the hard work, nourishment, and love you've given her along the way!great job lady! cheers!

    • HAHA no colds, yay :-)  I don’t know that we’ll keep it up much longer than her corrected 1st birthday, but I’ll feel damn good about it once we get there.  I would love to have my body back though…if I’m being honest.

  4. First of all, that’s great news. Second of all, according to the World Health Org, children should breastfeed until they’re four. do it.

    • ACK, 4 years? Maybe if we move to Mongolia ;-D

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