Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | January 28, 2010

30 Days

That’s right…30 days.  30 days till what you ask?  Well, 30 days till I’m done breastfeeding (or well…till I’ve made it to my 1year goal). 

Many people use their baby’s first b-day as their goal marker.  I’m using a date 4 days later. 

You see, I was unable to pump, squeeze, force even a droplet out of my boobs until the Friday after Alexa was born.  And because of this, I don’t feel like I would truly reach my arbitrary goal if I don’t go until, at least, the first day that I was able to give my baby girl even the most minuscule amount of mama’s milk :-)

We’re planning to start weaning Alexa at that point (I want to go SUUUUUUUUPER slow as to avoid any  mastitis or undue distress on her part). 

I don’t have a real plan of action just yet…but I’ve been adding a bit more formula to the mix this week.  Generally she doesn’t get any unless there’s some reason why I cannot nurse (since I cannot pump).  Once in a while she’ll take a bottle in the middle of the night with Peter…if I can’t get her to go back to sleep.  Lately though, I’ve had Peter give her a bottle before bedtime.  Then I nurse her to sleep. 

Once Alexa hits 12 months, we’ve been given the go-ahead to start her on “milk“*.  She’s gained enough weight, and has almost caught up (on the charts) to what her real age size should be (vs. her corrected age charted size).  This also means that I don’t have to worry about supplementing with more formula should we need to continue with that and bf’ing until April 30th (original due date).  I would just continue to nurse if this was the case, because I’m not comfortable with changing to formula for just those 2 months. 

I am THRILLED to find out that isn’t the case and I can FINALLY tuck my sore, cold, overexposed boobies away soon!

 I really thought I would be sadder about this than I am.  Who knows, when the time comes…I may not want to give up MY ONLY TRICK….but at least I’ll know I made it to my goal.  Really though, I want to start sleeping alone (or OMG with Peter) again soon.  I’m tired of sharing a bed with a squirmy baby who thinks I’m an all night snack bar :D

*She has a dairy protein allergy, so we’ll be using soy and or rice milk**.  We know she’s ok with soy since that’s the type of formula she gets when she takes a bottle.  And rice…we she eats that :-) 
 **I know there’s some debate on the issues with soy and estrogen levels. 



  1. Good luck with weaning. I have just been going through the process with my 23 month old as I was not brave enough to try earlier, the idea of giving up the 'trick' was too hard any earlier.

  2. Going slowly is a good idea, because yoowwwwch, it will get painful if you do it all at once. We started by getting down to 3 times a day, then I took away the mid-day nursing, followed by morning, and lastly the one right before bed. And then one day, I just told him "no more." He was bummed, but got over it pretty quickly.

  3. hello darling! i just wanted to stop by and lend my TOTAL support on whatever way you choose to embrace the weaning process. i know from experience it is a very personal and very tough decision – and i'm also 100% empathetic as to the reasons you may feel ready to finally be DONE! might i just day, please do not feel at all guilty for wanting the process to be over/wanting some semblance of physical freedom back. you've given alexa everything she needs for an amazing start at life, and you should feel nothing less than totally proud to have done so much for her already! it is hard work, and you've done an amazing job! ::pats on back::i think it's really smart of you to tackle weaning slowly – that's exactly what i did and it worked out well. i think it took me about 6 weeks to go from exclusive breastfeeding to exclusive formula feeding, and i never had any mastitis/engorgement (although as you probably read on my blog, i did experience some hormonal lows.) another thing i want to say is, i think it's totally natural to have your feelings on weaning flex here-and-there somewhat. that happened to me during the first few weeks. although it was completely my decision to wean poppy, as soon as it was actually happening i had a really hard time letting go! all of the sudden i felt like, "this isn't do hard! i can totally keep breastfeeding! why was a quitting again?" ;Di say, go with your own instincts, give yourself a lot of credit, and be proud of what you've accomplished. you're a fantastic mama, and alexa will always know that, no matter where her milk comes of luck to ye! and by all means, i'm here for you if i can help in any way!!cheers!

  4. Congrats to you!! I'm almost there with ya! I remember I wanted to try to make it to a year, but I would be happy if I could for the first three, then it was first six months, then it was to nine months, and now I am here hoping for 1 year. I say hoping because my production goes back and forth on being a lot to not much especially the last 2 months. BUT I've always had enough. I want to make it to one year, but I haven't decided if I will quit yet. I do know what you mean with the husband aspect of it all though.

  5. @Christie – I'm wavering, though we've sorta started the process so my supply is starting to deplete. I hate the thought of giving it up completely…though now that I've completely given up the idea of ANY kind of sleep training, we'll most likely be using nursing (even if just for comfort) for naps and bedtime until Alexa is ready to just drift off on her own.@Allison – We're taking the same approach you did. We're down to sessions at night, first to put her to bed…then all night as needed. Then when she wakes. Also for naps, but just to put her down. I'll still whip a boob out to calm her if she's freaking out. I am giving a few bottles of formula during the day. Honestly…I'm trying to get rid of it before it's time to make the switch over to "milk".@Emily – Thank you luv! I knew you would be there for me regardless. It's not that I really feel guilty. I would love to LOVE extended breastfeeding, but I just don't. I'm fine with it socially…I just can't imagine waiting another year to have myself back…at least for the most part. Luckily I'm not a big drinker, so it's not like I want to go party…but it would be nice to have the option to stay out late one night and have her fall asleep easily for someone else…someday :-) I'm pretty sure that my intention of breastfeeding was enough for Alexa to know how much she matters to me. The fact that I made it to my goal is just gravy :-)@Sarah – I am sooooo amazed I made it this long. I bet you feel the same way! I thought I would give up numerous times, but I was far too stuborn. I think we might end up nursing to sleep for longer than a year (even if there's really not much, if any, milk left). Maybe once I really do dry up she'll start falling to sleep without me, but until then I'll be there for her while she needs me :-)

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