Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | January 11, 2010

Age Adjustment

As Alexa’s first birthday fast approaches, I’m left stressing her real age vs. her adjusted age. She’ll be one at the end of Feb…but should only be 10 months. She won’t be able to do all the “tricks” that most one year olds normally do.

I’m still stuck on her due date. I feel cheated that, I not only lost my intended birth, but that she lost her intended birthday, birthstone, star sign. I know it all sounds trivial…she’s happy and healthy, no signs of prematurity have surfaced yet…and no one seems to think they will **crosses fingers** Peter thinks I should just forget the date, but I can’t. I want something I can never have back….and it hurts.

I feel like I’m constantly explaining to EVERYONE how old she is…and then how old she’s supposed to be. Like when a stranger asks, I tell them both ages. I guess I’m self conscious that people will think that she’s too small, too slow, too…I dunno, everything. Or better yet…not enough of something.

I have to remind friends and family all the time too because of sizing issues. People forget, I know I would if it was someone else’s kid, that she’s smaller than her real age would reflect. Almost all of her clothing gifts come in the wrong size. I’m forever returning coats that will fit in the summer…or tank tops that won’t fit till the fall.

They say she’ll “catch up” by the time she’s 18-24 months. I’m not sure if she’ll truly catch up, or if it’s just that the growth and milestones slow down so much that it’s no longer noticable…

…wonder when it will no longer be noticable to me…



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