Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | January 5, 2010

Thanks, but No Thanks?

Here’s a confession. I’m really picky. I don’t like all the frou frou girly crap that comes along with having a baby. I’ve tried to voice my opinion on that with regards to gifts for Alexa. For some reason, people still insist on buying us some of the pinkest* frilliest stuff you’ve ever seen.

My issue, though, is that people are just trying to be nice. Whether it be for Christmas, the baby shower, or just some random gift that a friend/family member sends….I want to be thankful that people are thinking of us. I hate it about myself that I automatically divvy up the goods into keep/return/sell piles, and that I get somewhat annoyed when there isn’t a gift receipt included.

If it was just me…I wouldn’t care so much. I’m known to be hard to buy for. That’s why I always have a running “wish-list” for birthdays and holidays. People still ignore it/forget about it. But yeah, if it was just me I was responsible for…then fuck it…I can be called ungrateful and get over it.

The thing is, it’s not just about me anymore. Now I’m raising this beautiful baby…and hoping to bring her up to be a thankful and courteous person. I don’t want her to look at a gift and frown because it’s not her color. Or worse yet, tell the person she doesn’t like it. I want her to be able to show gratitude, even if it’s not something she would have asked for herself. Or better..I want her to actually be happy that people care enough about her to go out, spend money, wrap and item up…JUST FOR HER. Because, in the end…it truly is the thought that counts.

I need to start making a concerted effort to show my own gratitude more. This Christmas I think I turned over a new leaf. As I was sorting through all the things we received (most for Alexa) I actually decided to keep a most of the items I had put in the “return” pile. Some even had gift receipts included. THAT’S HUGE FOR ME. God I sound some petty.

But really, I need to start behaving the way I want Alexa to behave. I’m a role model now, as scary as that sounds**.

*Now, don’t get me wrong. I LOVE me some pink! I was basically doused in it when I worked full time. Do you know how many pink (of every shade imaginable) dress shirts I have? The thing is, I don’t want to force it on my daughter. I hated the color when I was a kid…but somewhere in my early 20’s it became my favorite :-)

**That’s not to say I won’t still keep wish-lists for the foreseeable future…but when someone gives you something, it’s not right to immediately wish it was something better.


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