Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | November 29, 2009

Use Your Words

I think….we…may….have…heard…ALEXA’S FIRST WORD! I know, I know, she’s only 9 months old (and is only supposed to be 7 months), but I swear she said it with intention.

She said, well screamed/cried MAMA over and over again on Thanksgiving!

We were wrapping up our visit with Peter’s family due to her meltdown. I was standing at the door urging Peter to shut the fuck up and leave already (argh!!!) and she started crying MAMA MAMA MAMA. I assumed it was just a fluke. Peter was actually in the other room/packing the car so he missed it. I didn’t mention it to him just yet.

We had a 45 minute ride home. She slept the whole way home. I figured, she had a little rest, so it was safe to visit with my dad (he lives next door) for a few minutes. She started to fuss a bit while we were there so I nursed her. She would not calm down. Once again we were met with a meltdown…and she started screaming MAMA MAMA MAMA, whimpering mama mama mama… This is when I told Peter (and my family) that she had done the same thing earlier. Everyone agreed that it sounded “real”.

Poor Peter was sad, but I thought it was only fair, since EVERYONE says Alexa looks more like him than me :P My family was surprised since DADA is supposedly easier to say.

I swear, she wasn’t just babbling mamamamamamamamama. She was breaking the syllables up, 2 at a time. Even adding emphasis so it came out momma. I think my heart shattered on Thursday night.

I didn’t want to get my hopes up, assuming it was all in my head. BUT, then again on Friday when she was tired or annoyed…she called out “my name”. She’s been doing it all weekend. When she needs something, she calls for me.

Now, of course, I looked up baby’s first words…and was informed that it’s most likely just babbling. That most babies don’t start talking, at all, till 10-11 months. But I just know she’s calling for me. My mother said I started talking at 6-7 months. I dunno how true that is, but I know I started walking, talking, reading, etc. earlier than “most”….so maybe Alexa will follow suit?

Whatever the reality…this Holiday I’m thankful for a whole ‘nother level to this motherhood gig :-)


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