Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | November 15, 2009


Every weekend I go in with the best of intentions. I swear up and down that the house will get cleaned, that the laundry will get done (AND PUT AWAY). And then…dun dun dun…it doesn’t. I’m one of those people that normally cleans everything in one day. From top to bottom, with just a few breaks in between major tasks. Ever since Alexa was born…I’ve sucked at this part of “my job”.

In a perfect world, I clean when the house is empty and calm. This used to happen on Fridays when I was in college and didn’t have classes everyday. On weekends before I got knocked up I would let Peter sleep in (might as well be an empty house) while I got down to work. While I was pregnant I wasn’t working full time and, again, would clean during the week. Now, the house is NEVER empty, NEVER calm. If Peter takes Alexa out for a while, I feel like I have to rush rush rush…so the housekeeping isn’t a pleasurable experience (yeah….I actually like cleaning, or used to).

So, my house is a mess. Not horrible, just dusty with crumbs and pet hair scattered across the floor.

My mother is visiting for (oh god, who knows how long) a while… I should start using her. She comes over and we hang out (for endless hours and hours). Instead…I really need to let her play with Alexa while I get some shit done.

I just have ZERO motivation.


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