Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | November 4, 2009

Feed The Baby

We’ve been making our own baby food now for about a month. Most of the “recipes” come from this site – Wholesome Baby Food. Mostly, at least until Alexa is old enough to try the real combos, I use it for info and ideas on what fruits and veggies to try. I really love doing this for her. It gives me a project, gives me control over what she eats, and is WAY cheaper than jarred.

She’s a pretty good eater so far, and only seems to really dislike banana. She liked them at first, but after having a few other foods…the texture seems to turn her off. Ah well, maybe she’ll do better when she can chew them in chunks rather than mashed.

There have been a few weird contact irritants with apple sauce (the regular “adult” all natural version). I think it’s the added citric acid in it that’s irritating to her skin. She’s got another rash clearing up this week too, but I think that’s from the actual allergy attack she had last week.

The only real issue we’ve encountered so far has been yogurt. It seems she’s got a pretty bad milk protein allergy. There were a few days (after having yogurt for more than a week every day) where she started getting these little red marks around her face right after she was done with breakfast. I wasn’t sure, the first day I thought I had wiped her mouth too hard with the spoon when trying to keep the mess under control (the red marks went away after about a half hour). The 2nd day I wasn’t sure if it was just a contact allergy…and couldn’t tell if it was the sweet potatoes or the yogurt (since I mixed them together for her breakfast many days). Anyway, the next day I was out of sweet potato, so it was just yogurt and rice cereal…and she broke out again. Then it spread. And spread. And spread. She was covered in obvious hives! I called our pedi office and they were “out to lunch”…god I just “love” that, that an office of at least 8 docs and many nurses ALL have to go out to lunch at the same time. The answering service “took my message” but I couldn’t wait 45 minutes for them to call me back.

Off to the ER we went, since Alexa wouldn’t stop crying and the spots weren’t going away. Of course, by the time we got there she was calm and her skin was clearing up, but she was still covered enough for the docs there to see what had happened. Benadryl and time worked their magic, and she’s been fine ever since. She was on Benadryl for 48 hours (dosed ever 6 hours) and has had a few more doses over the past week. They told me she might have flare ups while the allergens work their way out of her system. Poor thing.

Wouldn’t you know though…the damn pedi office NEVER returned my call! Glad I didn’t sit around and wait for them!

Anyway…..I’m enjoying making Alexa’s food, though now I’m a little worried. I’m sure I’ll be super paranoid about all skin irritations for the next few months while we figure out what else, if anything, she’s allergic to.


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