Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | November 3, 2009

Working Mama

The plan was to stay home for at least the first year. That plan is being rewritten. We’re struggling…basically just making ends meet (with the use of credit cards, so not really). Peter HATES carrying a balance…and I don’t want to fall deeper in debt than I already am. Soooooo the timing is being moved up.

I’m prepping my info and getting things sorted so that I can apply for a state job with DYFS. Yes, I want to train to be a social worker…and actually use the degree I spent 4 years working my ass off to get. Not that my GPA makes a huge difference now, but it feels nice to know how well I really did.

So anyway, I’m not sure how fast (or slow) the ball will roll once I submit my resume and cover letter, but it’s better that I start it now, rather than in 4 months.

I’m sad to think about leaving Alexa with someone else…but I’ve had 8 months at home alone with her. Peter’s company offers child care account matching and discounts with the major chain centers. While, in a perfect world, it would be nice to keep her with family members…but that’s not in our cards. For some reason I still trust strangers (trained strangers) more than either of our families to take care of her day after day. I also like to believe that there are some benefits to structured care.

There you have it, we’re going to have a major life change over here very very soon. I’m nervous, but hopeful. We have too many plans for the future to just sit and tread water…it’s time for me to start swimming again :-)


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