Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | October 28, 2009

No Time

There are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Even on the best days I find a list of incomplete chores. Add to that the fact that Alexa has decided that she will no longer nap alone EVERRRRR. So my house is a mess, I’m MIA on all my bloggy related things, and I’m absolutely exhausted.

You see, Peter has went back to working his night job as a phone tech support person for some computer dorkus company. We need the money, so I commend him for working his ass off…but there is NO TIME for anything.

The days and nights blend together. Most hours of both Alexa is in my arms. The few hours he has between arriving home and going upstairs to log in he takes her if I’m not nursing…but that’s the time where I either get my shower (MAAAAYBE 3 times a week…ewwww), cook, do laundry, or REST for a hot second. He’s working 5 nights a week (it was 6, but he changed his hours so that he works earlier some nights so he can have a Wednesday night off).

Our weekends are cut short because he works both Friday and Sunday night and I try to book work with my one client on Saturday or Sunday during the day, god it’s depressing.

I know there are people that work even more. There are parents who work nights while the other works days….and they are 2 passing ships with just enough time to hand off the babe to one another. Then there are the single mamas (and papas), I don’t know how you do it! There is no way I could work nights and then function with Alexa all day. No way. I require sleep or I’m absolutely useless.

I’m going to go back to work full time once Alexa is 1 (just 4 short months away), so it should let up then. Peter will be able to drop his night job, and we’ll both be home all weekend together. We’ll still be exhausted, but at least there will be 2 of us, rather than a tag team!

All this to explain my absence lately. I read and read and read, and save blog entries to comment on, but sometimes I just don’t have the time (or the hands) to do it. Things were easier when Alexa was just breastfeeding, at least then I’d have one hand to type while she fed or napped on my lap…but now that she’s wiggling more and way way way more distractable I don’t have the ability to type.

Eventually things will get easier, and then I’ll be back to my old bloggy self, but until then…please don’t forget about me. I swear I’ll try to post once in a while. In the meantime I’m saving my entry ideas for when my mind and hands are functioning in unison :-)


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