Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | August 29, 2009


I never gave pacifiers much thought until I got pregnant. Sure I thought it was odd that some kids used them after they stopped being “babies”, but who cares? Well apparently it’s a HUGE issue to some. Most of which are not the parents of said children.

From what I read, using them under one year of age is completely appropriate…and even recommended by the APA for reducing the risk of SIDS. When we were in the NICU we heard all about this, specially when I asked the nurses NOT to give one to Alexa. I didn’t want her to suffer from nipple confusion more than necessary. You see, they give them pacifiers when they are being tube fed so they associate the full feeling with sucking.

Anyway….I decided before she was born that we would not offer her one (this was before the preterm delivery, obviously). I figured that if she wanted to suck on something…she would do so on her fingers and hands. At least she can’t drop and/or lose her hands :P

As “luck” would have it, she wouldn’t keep a pacifier in her mouth. Sure, she loved to chow down on one if I held it there for her, but she didn’t seem to care if it wasn’t available (and I was NOT going to sit and hold it for her). Maybe she didn’t care because her suckling needs were met by my boobs.

Now….after a few weeks of low supply, teething, and an ear infection…she seems to want one. She’s taking more bottles these days, which are finished much faster than if she were to nurse. Maybe she’s craving something to suck on now that my boob isn’t in her mouth (what seems like) 24/7.

We started offering one to her earlier this week when she was inconsolable. Her hands wouldn’t sooth her, nursing made her ear hurt, my finger was of no use, nothing seemed to help. So…I figured I would try one of the random pacifiers we got from the hospital. Low and behold, she “latched” right one and held it there. WOW!

I’m not sure how I feel about it. I love that we finally found something, other than ME, that gives her comfort. But what if she gets addicted? What if I have to “break her” of her habit? One of my friends can no longer put her daughter to sleep without a 30 minute car ride since she’s taken the “binky” away. ACK!!!

I dunno…hopefully nursing will get better again now that Alexa’s ear is healed. But in the meantime, we’ll do what we can to keep her calm and happy…even if it means our baby looks like a mini Kandi Raver :P


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