Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | August 25, 2009

Baby Naming Birthday

After writing the last few posts, and thinking about Alexa’s birthday (well 6 month half-bday), I started thinking about her real birthday. For her 1st I want to include a Baby Naming Ceremony to announce Alexa’s Vietnamese name to the world.

Peter and I were going to give Alexa his sister’s name (she passed when she was 4 from leukemia), should she be a girl…and asked Peter’s parents to pick a name should she be born a boy. Peter’s other sister vetoed our taking of the name…which is a story in and of itself. Anyway, we stopped thinking about Viet names after that…since the main reason we wanted to include one was to honor her memory.

Fast forward to now. I’m making an effort to get along with, and include, his family. I’ve asked him a few times now..and he seems to want a Viet name after all. She is half Viet and should feel like part of that side of the family and culture. We’ve pretty much settled on one (the first half of his sister’s along with one that I chose…and can pronounce, lol!). Now we just have to announce it.

So that’s where the Baby Name Ceremony comes into play. A lot of cultures have real ones, soon after the birth…to give the legal (real) name. We don’t need to do that since she has a legal name. We chose not to include the Viet name as her middle name since we used my last name in place. So really, we’re just announcing it as a formality…and it gives us a reason to make a bigger deal out of her first birthday than we would otherwise.

The ceremony is also a lot like a christening…though sans god references. You announce “guide-parents” and have all the main people in the extended family stand up for the child. Some people hire celebrants to perform the ceremony (we will), and there’s a certificate that’s kept as a keepsake for the child that everyone signs. Then you have a party afterwards…so it makes sense to pair it with a birthday. It’s really a sweet idea…and I hope that by the time Alexa is ONE we’ll have everything ready :-)



  1. […] was approaching, and we were choosing her Viet middle name (everyone in his family has one) for the Naming Ceremony, we decided that when we finally got it legally added to her Birth Certificate, that we would […]

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