Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | August 22, 2009

Full Week Indeed

We’ve had a horribly LONG week around these parts. So many things going on, but not the good kinda things. The draining sort…oh how I wish I was able to sleep the drama away :-(

My baby girl has an ear infection. She totally utterly completely miserable. The doc thinks she’s also teething. Poor little thing. We’re currently undergoing a 10 day regime of antibiotics. I’m not a huge fan of them…but the whole “boob milk in the ear” trick wasn’t working. We think she’s also got a cold, and that led to the ear problems. This has led to crap naps, and lots lots lots of nighttime wakings.

Since Alexa’s ear hurts, she’s nursing like crapola again. This time I don’t feel like there’s been a decrease in production though. This was confirmed when we found out she’s gained one pound and 2 ounces in NINE days*. That’s 2 ounces a DAY!!! Guess she’s eating efficiently and FAST to get it out before the suction causes more ear pain.

My family has had some major uproar. Too much bullshit for too long, finally got the best of my father. I feel so bad for him, he must be beside himself to have to cut his son off…finally…but it had to be done.

Needless to say, with a sick little one and added “goodies” from the family…I’ve had a bad time being able to work out. I’ve only done my Shred twice :-( We did go on a few walks, and I’ve been faithful to my Jenny Craig diet, but I want to be fit and slim…not just thin. Must work on that more once Alexa has recovered and goes back to napping.

I did, however, lose 4.5lbs this past week! OMG, I have no idea how I did that. I feel full…or satisfied that is. I didn’t starve myself, and I don’t feel like it’s water weight (I’m not bloated) since I’ve been drinking tons of it since I got pregnant (and the started nursing).

So yes…there has been some bad, some nasty, and some good…but it’s been a full week (and I’m so glad it’s now the weekend).

*Some of that gain came from formula (I was SURE she wasn’t nursing enough and we’ve supplemented a bit more since my scare almost 2 weeks ago)


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