Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | August 19, 2009

THEE Question

Sleeping is not a contest, but it sure feels like one…and I seem to be losing miserably….
Does Alexa sleep through the night? Is she sleeping through the night yet? How’s her sleep?

Those are the questions every mother (and most fathers) face on an, almost, daily basis. Sometimes it’s asked by well-meaning strangers just trying to strike up a conversation with a topic on most new parents’ minds.
Sometimes it’s asked by family members who will JUDGE you if you’re still waking up every few hours. You’re spoiling that baby doncha-know?
Sometimes it’s asked by friends with their own new babies who desperately want to share their news that their kiddies are sleeping TWELVE hours straight!

So how do you continue to answer, no…she’s NOT sleeping through the night? Yes we’re tired! Now, don’t get me wrong, Alexa is still a teeny tiny thing (just about 12 lbs), and is breastfed throughout the night. It digests faster than formula…but trust me, formula doesn’t keep her asleep much longer. I do not expect her to sleep longer than a few hours…then it’s time for a refill if you will :-) It still doesn’t make the long nights any easier. Being able to rationalize her needs means just about nothing at 4am when she won’t stop crying, and I’ve been sleeping with my boob in her mouth for 2 hours straight.

I’m totally jealous of people that have babies that sleep easily, and often. Not jealous enough to CIO though. Not only does that seem unnatural to me (at least at her young developmental age…almost 4 months adjusted), it aggravates her reflux to cry for any length of time…so it would just escalate. There is no self-soothing in the cards just yet.

I’m assuming that we’ll have at least 2-4 more months of this. At least our latest attempt at having a nightly routine seems to be helping. I’m “praying” that it doesn’t go on much longer than that. I really really really really want to sleep all by myself soon(ish).


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