Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | August 11, 2009

The Boobies are Back

Interesting thing happened the other night. After I cried my eyes out for a few hours over my breastfeeding woes, and passed out in a pool of my tears…Alexa nursed throughout the night! Maybe all the sobbing released some good hormones, or decreased the bad ones. Either way, I woke up at 2am “full”.

Both yesterday and today were much better than the past week, and I feel like my supply has bounced back. Alexa has still had a bit more formula than I would really like, but we’re working on it.

I was NOT ready to give up the special bond that breastfeeding provides. Like I had mentioned before…we would have comfort nursed for as long as she was interested (if that’s all I could provide), but I’m more than thrilled to see that it was a bit of a false alarm.

We had a visit with the pediatrician today, and she’s thrilled with Alexa’s progress…so maybe my fears were a tad unfounded, because baby girl has gained a good amount of weight and grown more than expected. The doc agrees with me, that teething is most likely the culprit…now infant Tylenol is working it’s magic and giving my little girl her suction power back :P

It’s just that sometimes, at least for those of us that start off with supply problems, every little setback looks like the end of world.

Thank you to everyone who commented on my other post. You guys are amazing. I’m so happy to have found such supportive blogger friends so fast!


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