Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 30, 2009

A Hard Day…Now It's Night

I don’t feel well tonight. Today was a hard hard day. Alexa slept awful last night and has taken to pushing my boob away from her mouth while she’s eating…and then searching frantically for it immediately after she loses her latch. The nipple shields don’t help this process, as they fall off or move away from my nipple. She did this for 4 hours before I gave up and just brought her downstairs to start the day.

Our early morning was fine, she even napped it up for me. Her new toy was delivered today, though I think it’s a bit over stimulating for her as of yet. She does like to chew on the little dangley flower though :-) We took a car ride with the toy attached to her car seat…it, sadly, did not make the ride more pleasant :-( She was not a happy baby today…AT ALL.

More fun was had when our electric service decided to go haywire. The power company was out for 2 hours checking the wires at the pole and on the house. All this time our power was out because they disconnected our meter. So, no AC during the hottest part of the day. Then, after they “fixed” it…the AC blew another fuse. I’ve ran up and down the basement stairs more times than I’d like to count today. Damn breaker box is always too far away. The house is STILL having surges…fuccccccccccck I sometimes really hate being a homeowner.

THEN, to top the day off, my mother arrived….unannounced. Apparently she didn’t have my phone number on her so she couldn’t call me first. Yes, I knew she was in town…but when 5pm rolled around, I assumed she was staying away for the first night. She had our neighbor come and knock on my door to tell me she was here (our neighbor is one of her old old friends, but still weird). She came and basically sat on top of me to see “THE BAAAAAABEEEEE”.

Any one of these issues would have been bearable alone, but group all 4 up in the same day…and it makes me want to throw myself out the window (which I threatened, not too too seriously, to Peter during one of our calls after the power was still fucked). Instead I ate a bunch of shit and had a beer.


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