Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 25, 2009

What's In A Name?

Well we know what Freakonomics thinks of names deciding our future. While we can’t control all that our children do with their lives, we can at least give them a name that suits them. Many names are cute when our kids are little…but don’t transfer to adult lives, and on the flip side…some just seem too “old” for our wee little ones. To solve this conundrum we look to nicknames.

I was never able to shorten my name, and was ALWAYS terribly jealous of those that could. I wanted a cutesy name with a “y” sound at the end when I was in grade school. Amby just didn’t cut it :P

When Peter and I started looking for names for our baby I KNEW that it had to be something with options. A name that could take her from infancy, through her teen years, and then onto adulthood. A name that could be cute, could be “normal”, could command respect if need be.

When we decided on Alexandra (if she was a girl…we didn’t find out the sex until she was born), we then had to consider ALL of the many many many nicknames associated with her full name. I was partial to Xandra, maybe because a name that starts with an “X” seems awesome! Then she was born, 10 weeks too early, and something didn’t click. Xandra didn’t suit her, it just didn’t fit with her tiny tiny body. About a week after she was born we settled on Lexie. It was short and sweet, like her :-)

It’s a cute cute name, and I do like it…buuuuuuuuuuuuut…I don’t feel like it really suits her personality. My little baby is adorable, and she’s still small…but for some reason the “ie” feels too cutesy…and too stripperiffic (like my name) later in life. I mean, SEXY LEXIE. If I told you her last name (rhymes with Low) it would seal the deal I promise you that!

I’ve been told that I have a pronstar name for most of my teen and adult life. It’s funny, sometimes, but often I just wish I had a nice long name with many options. Sure, I’m pushing my own wishes (for myself) on my daughter (the first of many I’m sure, lol), but I want her to have the option to change her name…change her identity…if she should feel the need.

Sooooo, long story short, I think we’re going to change her nickname to Alexa. It’s still short and sweet, but it feels more like her :-) Peter and I feel like this needs to be decided sooner, rather than later so that it’s changed before she starts to recognize her name. I don’t want to confuse her anymore than I have to, ha!


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