Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 20, 2009

Fun Fun Fenugreek

I’ve been taking Fenugreek for months now to increase my breast milk supply. Well, off and on. About a month ago I decided to start up again for shits and giggles I suppose.

And speaking of SHITS, that’s what it makes you do. It’s actually quite refreshing (does that word work in this context?) to finally have to “go”, ya know? You see, I’ve always had “digestive issues”. A sore stomach was with me throughout most of my life. I was that kid in the nurse’s office in grade school every few days. They assumed I was faking it, because what kid feels sick everyday? They didn’t consider stress to be a factor back in those days. In my 20’s I was finally diagnosed with IBS. Then came my gallbladder removal which flipped shit up again. Oh my and THEN came pregnancy. I went, at my longest stretch, 2 FULL WEEKS without “going”. Let’s just say, that when I had to start taking this supplement…and found that one weird side effect had and effect on me…I was elated :P

Other side effects are a bit more annoying. I smell like a dirty IHOP these days. With the smell that fenugreek produces, SYRUP, seeping from my pores, me being further between showers than I like (the joys of motherhood), and the summer heat melting me (thankfully my AC is in FINALLY)…I’m a pleasure to be around, ha!!!

But…at least I’m not backed up :P Oh, and in case you were wondering….the Fenugreek does help. I can now play target practice with my milk from across the room!



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