Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 19, 2009

Unlikely Disclaimer

I’m really not this crunchy granola type that some of my “ideals” may allude to. Really I’m terribly faulted. My own carbon footprint probably rivals that of Sasquatch!

Sooooo, I turned to the internetz to read ridiculous amounts of literature and personal accounts. I found a breastfeeding mentor from adopt_a_mom for all of my nursing woes. I joined tons of communities to absorb as much parenting advice as possible. I read myself into a tizzy about how things SHOULD happen…about what plans need to be made. I latched on to a few ideas that morphed into IDEALS. Ideals that become a sort of gospel.

I feel like I need to be a better person to raise a better child. So sometimes I get caught up in trying to be perfect…what I keep forgetting to do is to remember that in the end, all I want is to raise a happy and healthy child, whatever means necessary.



  1. I’m a bad recycler. I don’t eat healthy food (and I’m vegetarian so that takes a special dedication to sugar and dairy) and even though I have attachment ideals I’ve certainly been known to refer to others as ‘freaking hippies’

    • First off, so weird that this showed up in an RSS reader, it’s so old (one of the first posts from my old blog LOL).

      Weirdly enough I’m so much “crunchier” now that I don’t really care about it. Compost bin – check, crazy recycle – check, organic gardening – check!
      Geeze I’m even working out and taking care of myself. Still no a “freakin’ hippie” HEHEHEHE, but a lot closer than I had initially intended :-)

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