Posted by: Amber @ NotMommy | July 15, 2009


So I’ve been having some serious bouts of “momnesia” these days.

Fist off I’ve forgotten my phone number a few times in the past week, granted it’s a fairly newish number…but STILL. I’ve forgotten how to spell Zoloft (it just sounds wrong when saying it out loud). I couldn’t remember how old my baby was today, then I couldn’t remember how long she’s been home from the NICU. I keep screwing myself up when I talk about her “real age” vs. her “adjusted age” (4.5 months vs. 2.5 months btw). I walk into a room and then have to walk about, retrace my steps, and cross my fingers that I’ll remember what I was looking for by the time I return.

Ugh! I used to be a painfully organized person. Hell…I had my own organizing business. Now I feel like my brain has fallen out and been smeared across the asphalt. Strangely enough, we’ve been getting more sleep around these parts. Is there something in the air, the water, the beef that’s making me stupid?


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